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13 Creative Ways to Make Money

What are some realistic and creative ways to make money? We have been living in misconception for many years that to make money, we need to be extraordinary and extremely skilled. Which is not that true. Although you’ll be always required to expand your knowledge in a specific field to get more benefits, you can start even with basic knowledge. So here we’re are going to discuss some creative ways to make money, which won’t require you to be experienced or to take courses for years to learn. You can easily learn and start your own business to┬ábuild a passive source of income for you.

13 Creative Ways to Make Money

After deep research and study, we’ve collected some successful creative ways to make money online and offline as well.

1- Sell Your Skills

If you have some special skills that can help people in their financial and personal life, then you can make it a perfect source of income. You can deliver your services online and offline as well. You can also help people writing their product descriptions, blog posts, graphic designs, website and application development. While offline, you can be a cook for a restaurant, marketing manager, salesperson, photographer, carpenter, etc.

2- Buy & Sell Used Products

We often call this business second-hand products trading. In this business, you buy a used product from a person who doesn’t need it and after modifying it a bit resell that product to a person who can’t afford a new one. For example, if someone has iPhone X but wants to buy the latest model. So he would try to sell his current iPhone to buy a new one. So what you have to do is, buy that phone at a lower price and then resell it to your customers.

3- Design Websites

Another one of the best creative ways to make money online is web designing and development. You’ll have to learn programming languages for that business. But never underestimate it, as it’s an emerging industry. Now every business is tending to operate its services online.

4- Sell Courses

You might have heard about Udemy, where all types of courses available. When I was searching for a web development course on Udemy, the students of one course amazed me. They were 200000 in numbers. And that course price was $20. Now just multiply 20 to 200000. So that person made 4 million dollars with that single course.

5- Take Surveys

In some legit online money-making ways, taking surveys is also a one. Surveys help companies to get some important information from you that makes success certain for them before they start marketing their product. So to make money with online surveys, you’ve to join as many survey panels as possible. And you also have to be careful because not everyone is legit here. We recommend you these ones.

6- Rent Parking Spot

You’re lucky if you have some property in a commercial area. You can make a parking lot over there and make money passively. And another good thing about this business is, you won’t need to manage stock, salaries or anything like that.

But before starting this business, you’ll need to learn how to build a parking lot.

You’ve to consider some basic requirements for a parking business that includes.

  • 1- A suitable location
  • 2- Buy tools
  • 3- Hire a person
  • 4- Set pricing
  • 5- Marketing

7- Become a Writer

There are different types of writings like essay writing, blogging, ebooks, novels, stories, research papers, and product descriptions. You can choose what suits you perfectly. But you should always keep in mind that, you must be passionate about your niche. Whatever you’re writing, do deep research and study before conducting any results. Because it’s going to define your knowledge and experience in the field.

And to start, you can join Fiverr or create your own blog and link it to your Adsense Account. And for this business, you won’t be required a degree or age experience. In this way, you can even make money in your teenage.

8- Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money if you don’t have enough budget to start your own business. In this business, you’ll be promoting other companies’ and retailers’ products and getting a commission per sale. No doubt, you’ll have to have a massive audience to whom you can recommend some products. And also a trust connection, which is very important.

And to start an Affiliate marketing business, you’ll have to join some big companies like Amazon, Clickbank, etc.

9- Sell Your Friendship

It sounds interesting and somehow weird. How someone can sell friendship? Don’t feel awkward, if you have hundreds of friends yourself. Still, there are some people who don’t hang much and barely have friends to play badminton or cricket with.

I remember, when I was thirteen, I didn’t have any friends to play cricket with. I used to throw a ball on the wall and when it came back I hit it with the bat. That’s how I used to play. Although it’s weird if you are taking money from someone you call a friend. Now let’s move on to the next one.

10- Cleaning Services

There are usually two types of cleaning businesses. Commercial cleaning business and residential cleaning business. I’ve written complete articles on both. How to start and promote your cleaning business and get actual clients.

By giving your cleaning services to houses and commercial buildings, you can make a decent amount of money. But you’ll have to need some investments to start and buy cleaning equipment.

11- Start E-Commerce Business

Massive growth has been seen in e-commerce businesses during the past few years. It might be because of the current pandemic or increasing the use of the internet. In developed countries like America and Europe, Japan, Korea, there are already near 95% internet users. While in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Middle East, the percentage of internet users has immensely increased. By knowing that, big e-commerce commerce companies like Amazon and Ali baba are expanding their network to these countries as well.

And to get benefit from this technology, you can start your own e-commerce business from home. It’s surely not that difficult as you might be thinking it is.

12- Become Consultant

Whether it’s business consultancy or relationship consultancy. It’s always been a good business for people who have good experience in the field and can convey the message efficiently. And to become a consultant you’ll have to get enough knowledge about a specific interest.

13- Sell Handicrafts

Selling handicrafts is a quite common business idea and one of the best creative ways to make money. You can use your creative skills to make beautiful handicrafts and sell them online through Etsy, Amazon, Artfire, and eBay.