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7 Steps to Start Online Business from Home

Starting your own online business is not really difficult. If you are passionate about something you can achieve it with ease. And if you think, you need investment in millions to start an online business from home, then you’re assuming wrong. I’ve remembered when I had started my first online blog business, it took me only 50 dollars to start. And when I launched my first e-commerce site, the total investment was 200$ ( 50 $ for the site and 150$ for wholesale products).

My point is, the online business is not that costly and difficult as you might think. You can start an online business from home with approximately 200 dollars or even zero investment. Yeah, zero investment is also a true thing. Giving your services on Fiverr or creating a Youtube channel can give you millions of dollars with zero investment. The only thing you need is a computer and internet connection.

But here we won’t talk about Fiverr or Youtube. In this article, you’ll learn how to sell your products (Digital or Physical) on the internet and build your own brand. The followings are the few steps that you should take to start an online business from home.

The 7 Steps to Start Online Business from Home

7 Simple Steps To start online Business from Home

7 Simple Steps To start online Business from Home

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1- Define a Product

This is the first thing that everyone thinks about when he/she start his/her own business even if it’s online or offline. Because this is the base. What value or thing you are going to provide to people, because of which they should open their wallets for you.

Take time to think about the product or service you’re going to deliver. Study the complete process of supply and demand of that product.

2- Name of Your Business

The name of a business is considered the most important part of starting a new business. Whatever you’re selling, naming your business perfectly is the key point. Even a small stall roadside must have its name.

  • People will recognize and remember your brand name
  • It’ll help you to build trust with your customers
  • It’ll increase the potential of referral and returning customers

Always name your business related to the product you are selling and the name should be easy to pronounce and remember.

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3- Create a Website

Now after you’ve defined your product and named your business, the next step to start an online business from home is to create a beautiful-looking website. An e-commerce website is your online store. It should be simple and easy to navigate. So that the customers can easily and safely buy their desired products. Below are the few steps that will help you to create a professional-looking e-commerce website.

  • Buy Domain
  • Link Hosting
  • Design

4- Sourcing or Production

Now after going through all the things mentioned above, the other headache for new entrepreneurs is sourcing products or self-production. Whether you are going to buy wholesale products and sell them with a profit or producing your own product, you must have a solid plan.

  • Have you done dealings with your product manufacturer?
  • Have you installed the necessary tools or machinery (if any) for your product?
  • Do you have products in stock?

If the answers to the above questions are “yes”, then let’s move to the next step.

5- Listing Products on Site

The presence of your product on the e-commerce page is crucial if you want to start an online business from home. As I’ve already told you, your website will be a store for your products. You must have to present everything in order and efficiently so that the customer feel ease to buy anything from your store.

Place the title and description properly and make sure the images are high quality. Add as many details as possible. Fill the customer with info to not let them go away from your site. And remember try not to trick your customer to buy a product, it will affect the value of your brand which will bother you in building long-term trust.

6- Marketing

How people are going to know John has his online store offering high-quality products. There are millions of online stores. How you’re going to get your customers. The answer is marketing. Show your products to the targeted customers. This can be done with Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

In offline business, the business location, banners, and pamphlets are the only source of marketing. And you don’t even know if you’re advertising to the right customers or not. But in Online business, these things are totally different. With SEO and SMM you’ll target only those people who are interested in your product and are searching for it.

7- Delivery

The Final Step to start an online business from home is delivering the product to your customer. Have you opened an account with the courier service provider of your country? It’s a simple process. Just go to the nearest franchise or courier service provider. Ask them to open cash on delivery account for you. You’ll have to submit.

  • A copy of your CNIC
  • Form with your brand name, location, and contact info.
  • Letter to the Manager of the Courier service
  • Agreement Sign

Now you’re done. You’re ready to sell your products online all over your country. You’re not limited to a specific city or a town.

Start Online Business from Home (Summary)

  • 1. Define your product
  • 2. Name your business
  • 3. Create a Website
  • 4. Sourcing or Production
  • 5. List products on site
  • 6. Marketing
  • 7. Delivery