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10 Biggest Time Wasters and How To Avoid Them

As everyone knows that time is the most important thing in life. You can only be successful if you know how to utilize time. Time has been under discussion among scientists, astronauts, poets, and writers for a long. In the beginning, when life was not very much advanced and the world was not technical, people had a lot of time. Although a very much part of the time of the people was wasted in journeys. Because there was no advancement, people had a lot of free time. Man got advanced in technology and he was thinking that this advancement will save their time, but this didn’t happen.

Technology that seemed to be a time-saver, made life busier. You can easily observe in your surroundings that life is getting busy every cooking day. More advancement is taking more responsibilities with it. Inventions have removed leisure time from our lives. But this is only from a poetic point of view.

Before going to our main topic, the first thing that needs to be understood is the actual meaning of time. Every activity of life is dependent on time. And time is all about priorities. If you learn how to manage your time precisely, you will get success at every footstep. What the coming time is bringing with it depends upon your behavior with the current time. The way you behave with time today decides how time will behave with you tomorrow. Every coming reward is the result of your own deeds.

The sooner you learn to manage time, the sooner you become successful. Because if you try to study the life of successful people, you will come to know that they have managed their time perfectly. They are successful just because they know the importance of their time. They don’t waste their time on useless or meaningless activities. You see that people take their appointments to meet them. This respect is just the result of the respect they give to time. Time respects only those people, who respect it.

Now we are going to discuss the biggest time wasters that spoil your time. These wasters must be removed from your life otherwise they can destroy you. These time-wasters can be the biggest hurdles in the way of your success. By removing them from your life, not only you can improve your life but get success swiftly.

These are the ten biggest time wasters.

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Time Disorganization - Biggest Time Wasters
Time Disorganization – Biggest Time Wasters

1- Time Disorganization

Time disorganization is the biggest issue in the current life. You can say that time disorganization is the mother of other time-wasters. People don’t have proper management of time. Their daily routine is very distorted. They don’t have a regular working routine. Time disorganization is the biggest hurdle in the way of consistency. A disorganized timetable leads to a disorganized life. When you don’t have a proper time setup, you waste your time on useless time-wasting activities.  So a proper schedule is compulsory for a proper life. Some of the activities that you can adopt to organize your time are:

  • Set a timetable 
  • Set goals 
  • Plan your daily routine
  • Write your daily achievements before going to bed
  • Don’t break your routine without a severe reason

These are some of the steps to organizing time. When you have a proper setup of time, you know what have to do next. Any distraction cannot deceive you. This will save you time that would have been wasted on useless activities. Also when you complete one task, this completion of the previous task motivates you for the next task. If someone invites you to a party while you are busy, you say no to this party because this is not in your schedule. You party when it is time to party.

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Negative Friends - Biggest Time Wasters
Negative Friends – Biggest Time Wasters

2- Negative Or Aimless Friends

Friends are the make-or-break element for you. Because you are recognized by the friends surrounding you. If you have negative and aimless friends, this is a huge spoiler of your time. They will demoralize you and force you to stay in your comfort zone. Because aimless people have nothing to achieve in their life. They just waste their time at parties, resting, and driving. They also force you to party with them and leave the hustle. These sorts of people have just desperation and misery to spread. When you understand them, you have lost your very much time. Secondly, negative friends will not only make you lazy but also turn your way to the negative side.

When you come to know, you have done a lot of journeys on the wrong side. Now, this becomes difficult for you to come back. Because staying stuck is better than moving on the wrong side. This journey on the negative side suppresses the qualities of a person. To save yourself from wasting this time, you have to replace these sorts of negative friends with positive and motivated ones. These aim-oriented people will motivate you to hustle for your goals. You will be more energized and goal-oriented. Save yourself from toxic friends and replace them with positive and motivated people. This will save you precious time.

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Lack of Consistency - The Most Common Time Wasters
Lack of Consistency – The Most Common Time Wasters

3- Lack of Consistency

Consistency is the biggest rule of success. And also being inconsistent is the biggest hurdle on the way to success. Because with the habit of consistency you start hustling with energy but you cant finish with the same energy. Because you decide to achieve something, and also start working on it, but gradually you lose that rhythm that you had in the beginning. So after some time, you quit. This is the result of this inconsistency. After quitting the previous one you adopt the other goal and start working on it. This is the way you waste your time. And in the end, you have nothing. 

To get success and to save time, you must have to become consistent in your life. You have to adopt strategies to build consistency in you. Start with the low hustle, then gradually increase your work, this helps in developing consistency. Because when you start giving your hundred percent in the beginning, you get tired after some time. This tiredness leads to quitting. Also, you should think about the reward of your hustle. This keeps you motivated and focused.

The time organization discussed in the first step also helps in developing consistency. Because when you have a proper time schedule, you know the next responsibility that life demands from you.  So this helps you from this time-waster. 

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Binding Yourself In Useless Conflicts

4- Binding Yourself In Useless Conflicts

Useless conflicts and arguments are also part of the time-wasters. They keep your mind stuck to useless disputes. And you cannot focus on anything till you are bounded to these trash arguments. Your mind becomes narrow and you cannot give space to others. The time you have to utilize in working on your goals or thinking about new ideas is wasted on negative thoughts. This not only wastes your time but spoils your mind. An element of negativity is unintentionally added to your thoughts.

These unproductive thoughts can just only spoil you. The element of the acceptance of others’ thoughts and your counterviews will be removed from your personality. They will totally occupy your mind and you come to know after wastage of most of your important time that will be nonrenewable at that moment. 

So you must have to unbind your mind from these trash conflicts that have nothing to do with your mind grooming. In fact, they will damage your mind. Just focus on your goals and keep yourself higher than these conflicts. Utilize this time in learning new skills and reading useful books that will make your mind strong.

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Not Setting A Priority List

5- Not Setting A Priority List

This point is related to the first point to some extent. Because time organization involves setting a priority list. When you don’t have a proper priority list, you can easily be betrayed by any distraction. You go to a party with friends while this is the time to work. You sleep when it is time to work. This is just because you don’t have a proper priority list that can describe what is your main duty. This is also a sort of time disorganization. 

Because when you have a priority list in written form, you know what the current time demands from you. This priority list tells you that work is more important than a party to you. This list takes you to bed when it is the time to sleep. You can easily say “No” to any distraction that comes your way. Just like these other things, the lack of a priority list is also a time-waster. This must be added to your life to make your life consistent and stable.

Set a priority list that can motivate you for your next move and save your time.

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lack of planning

6- Lack Of Planning

Lack of planning also wastes your very much time. Because when you don’t have a proper plan, you work randomly, and this disorganized work wastes your time. Actually planning itself is a very difficult task. Proper planning requires your very much time. But this time that you use in planning saves very precious time that you would have wasted in the future without planning. That’s why proper planning is compulsory to work organized.

To save your time from wasting and losing hope, you should make a proper plan for every goal. This planning also gives you a limited range. You know the graph between you have to work. By executing this plan properly you achieve your goal. And in case your plan doesn’t work, you have plan B. Because a proper plan always has a backup plan. So you must set a proper plan before you start working on your goal. This will help you to achieve your goals without wasting any time.

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Use Of Social Media

7- Use Of Social Media

Social media is the biggest point to discuss these days. Here the point you need to keep in mind is that a machine is not good or bad. It depends upon the user how he uses it. The same is the case with social media. Social media has made our lives easier. We have easy access to everything in this current advanced before. This is the biggest benefit and plus point of social media. But besides all this, social media also has a dark side. Social media has also some useless and time-wasting activities hidden behind the name of entertainment.

The present epoch consumes their most of time on social media. This is true that social media is a compulsory element of today’s life but to a limit. The crucial make-or-break era of life is wasted on social media by the youth. They don’t care how badly this misuse of social media is affecting them. The time spent watching movies, playing games, and other entertainment, activities must be limited. You should have added the part about entertainment to your timetable. But you don’t have to go beyond this limit.

You should work when it is time to hustle. Remind yourself that your work and goals are more important to you than this entertainment on social media. 

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Interfering In Others’ Life

8- Interfering In Others’ Life

Interfering in others’ life is the biggest issue in the current world and also a time-waster. People like to inspect and scan what is occurring in others’ life more than examining their own life. Two people sitting at a point must be talking about the third one who is absent. They don’t care that discussing other people has nothing to do with them. People like to discuss how much the other person is earning, What is happening in his personal life. This interruption in others’ life wastes their very important time. 

To save this time, you have to utilize the time wasted in discussing others’ life in focusing on your life. You have to analyze yourself and find the exceptions that silently affect you. This will help you to groom mentally and improve your personality. If you have the habit of interfering with another’s life, remove this instantly because this is silently affecting you. Use this time to groom yourself. Make yourself busy with useful activities. Don’t waste your time and focus on yourself.

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Wasting Time in Useless relationships Useless Relationships
Wasting Time in Useless relationships Useless Relationships

9- Useless Relationships

Word “Relationship” is also a very crucial word. Relationships are a part of life. But relationships are also of different types. Some relationships make you and some relationships that break you. People usually don’t think before having a relationship. They don’t think this relationship is helping them or not. Because useless relationships spoil your special time. Because the age of hustle and age of relationship is the same. First, the best option is that you don’t have to get involved in a relationship before you get stable financially. Financial stability can give you good relationships.

Because once you become stable there is no fear of a dangerous relationship. But if you waste your important time in a useless and toxic relationship, you will never be able to regenerate this gone time. Don’t waste your time in relationships. First focus and work on your financial stability. Utilize your time in working on your goals.

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Trying To Impress People Every time
Trying To Impress People All The Time

10- Trying To Impress People Every time

This is also one of the biggest time wasters. Today, where every person has easy access to social media and every person, is a social media activist, everyone has an urge to impress people. Everyone wants to get famous. You can say that people want to get famous by hook or by crook. Trying to impress a person and always thinking about the way how can you impress him waste your time. Your brain takes this as a challenge. And when you become successful in impressing that person, your suspense breaks and you find another one. And after that, you always think to impress him and so on. This chain is continuous until you break it. Your very important time is wasted in the struggle of impressing others.

To overcome this situation, you have to betray your mind. You have to put your mind to some other positive challenging situations. The challenges that will help to groom your personality. 

Some positive challenges that you can give your mind are:

  • Getting up before 6:00 A.M
  • Working out daily
  • Running daily
  • Reading books daily

These activities will help you to enhance yourself. Your mind will stay busy in these activities i.e working on itself. You will not have the time to think about others’ life and you will not assume anyone better than you. Because you just try to impress that person whom you think is better than you. Focus on yourself and save your time. 

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10 Biggest Time Wasters 

  • 1- Time Disorganization
  • 2- Negative Or Aimless Friends
  • 3- Non Consistency
  • 4- Binding Yourself In Useless Conflicts
  • 5- Not Setting A Priority List
  • 6- Lack Of Planning
  • 7- Use of Social Media
  • 8- Interfering In Others’ Life
  • 9- Useless Relationships
  • 10- Trying To Impress People Every time

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