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Emma Watson Strips in the Bling Ring

Emma Watson has been seen smoking and striping in her first look in the Movie “The Bling Ring”.

The Bling Ring, based on the actual story of a group of friends who targeted celebrities in the Hollywood Hills and stole millions of dollars in jewels, clothes, and accessories, was certain to be divisive.
According to the Mirror, the video, set to Azaelia Banks’ song 212, depicts a juvenile gang breaking into Paris Hilton’s home, which has a walk-in closet, sparkly pole-dancing poles, and pillows with her face on them.
They take advantage of Paris’ many accouterments, and one of them is even convinced not to steal Paris’ dog.

Watson also does some sensual tongue-out dancing and removes her bra.

Emma Watson, who will always be Hermione, plays Nicki, the gang’s leader, and the film, which will be released on June 14th, has appearances from Paris, Kirsten Dunst, and Gavin Rossdale.
Emma Watson is currently single. She’s even developed a new name to characterize her current marital status: self-partnered.

When she introduced the new word, she was describing the difficulty of nearing 30 and having a picture-perfect existence.

Watson discusses her forthcoming milestone birthday in a recent interview with British Vogue. “I was thinking, ‘Why is everyone making such a huge deal about turning 30?'” ‘This isn’t a huge thing,’ she says the publication. “When I get to 29, I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so nervous and anxious.'” And I know it’s because there’s been a massive invasion of subliminal messages. If you haven’t bought a house, don’t have a partner, don’t have a baby, and you’re nearing 30, and you’re not in this extremely safe, stable spot in your work, or you’re still figuring things out…. There’s just this amazing level of worry.”

Previously, the Harry Potter actress remarked that she never thought it was possible to be happy and unmarried.

“I was thinking, ‘This is absolutely spiel,'” she added. “It took a long time, but I’m extremely glad [to be single].” I call it “self-partnering.”