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How Facebook Will Control Your Life? Using Metaverse

Facebook is world’s one of the most renowned companies. Which connects billions of people together. But on 28 October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that “Facebook” will no more be “Facebook” from now. From now on it’ll be known as “Meta”. That was really shocking news for its billions of users. Why did Facebook change its name? and what could be the reason behind this? Are they going to control us using Metaverse?

All the above questions are rooting to this main question is “What is “Meta”? As we all know that all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok are very addictive. They are built on a specific business strategy aiming to make them more addictive to generate more revenue. And the same business strategy they are going to implement which makes you addicted to Meta.

If we talk about the literal meaning of “Metaverse”, the word “Meta” means beyond and “Verse” means universe. Metaverse is something like a virtual life, where you do all of the things in virtual life sitting in a place without moving a step. And according to Mark, Facebook is transferring from a social platform to a Metaverse company.

In Metaverse, you’ll be going to have your virtual identity and can interact with your friends, and can travel to different places. And also can purchase virtual things. Besides eating, washroom and sleeping, you can do everything in Metaverse. For example, if you have to attend a concert by your favorite singer, usually you’ll get ready, reach that location and enjoy the concert. But in Metaverse, you’ll be doing all these things just laying on your bed. Using your virtual Identity in a virtual space, you’ll experience that concert.

How Facebook Will Control Your Life? Using Metaverse
How Facebook Will Control Your Life? Using Metaverse

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Why Facebook is Doing This?

It could seem exciting to most people but in reality, it’s very dangerous for us. Facebook is doing this to grow its business and beat its competitors. They are either buying their competitors or copying their strategies. As people now have very little time spam they are going on Tiktok and similar apps. It was really alarming for the world’s biggest company. So they are making changes that will bring their users back and make them addicted to their products. In Metaverse, they will not just focus on Facebook or Insta Ads, they will build a complete ecosystem that will create multiple income sources for them.

How Metaverse Could be Dangerous?

As Metaverse will make a lot of things easier for us, we’ll get everything on our couch or bed without doing any effort, but at the same time, it will negatively affect our behavior. And the reason is “Progressive Overload”. The human body is made in such a way that, as we increase the load on it, its capacity increases. For example, if an alcohol consumer takes 4-5 shots daily, he’ll just feel normal. But for a normal person, even a single sip is not less than poison. And the same thing happens with social media. The more time you’ll spend, the more dependent you’ll be on Metaverse. Its value will increase more than your actual physical life. And these things are badly affecting our attention span. According to Microsoft’s recent study, the human attention span decreased by about 25% in just a few years.

Our body works on “Attention Energy Flow”. We spend our energy there where our attention goes. And the Business of Facebook-like companies runs on the “Attention to Money” flow principle.

  • Before TV our attention was 95%.
  • After Computer Attention was 80%.
  • After Smart Phones Attention Span is just 50%.

And after Metaverse it’ll be even worse. We’ll be spending 90% of our time in the virtual world. And we’ll be so addicted that, we’ll lose all control of our life.

And only one thing can save you from this trap, which is “Rational Thinking”. Just analyze the good and bad things and make changes in your life accordingly. If something is giving your more pleasure than utility, try to spend less time on that.

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