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6 Habits That Kill Your Energy

A very important thing that we all need to understand is our productivity level depends on our energy level. The habits that we acquire may affect our processing of the mind positively or negatively which creates an impact on our mental success rate. You might be including such activities that play a role in killing your energy level, making you feel lazy, and reducing your productivity.

1- Bad sleep routine:

Our body has a sleep cycle that means you at least need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Are a long day you need to have proper sleep so your body and brain get rest to restart the next day. If someone is sleep deprived or has a bad sleep routine they end up with a lazy, tiredness, anger, and many more emotions because their body didn’t get enough sleep.

How can we solve this problem:

Catch the sleep signs that your body gives, follow a strict sleep routine, do things that help in good sleep like warm baths, and most important leave all types of distractions like phone 60 min or max 30 mins before going to sleep.

2- Scrolling social media:

Most of the young generation has the bad habit to scroll throw social media early morning and before falling asleep. That causes the dopamine rush in your body that triggers fighting mode. Your body is not a robot it doesn’t have an on/off button so putting yourself under that much stress can harm you.

How can we solve this problem:

Switch off your phone before going to bed and even after you wake up don’t use your phone, and create the habit of thinking about something good that happened during the day before sleeping and think about how you will or what you will do during the day.

3- Holding your anger:

When you have many things going around you such as bad sleep habits, excess dopamine causes the worst effect on you such as anger which is an unwanted reaction over anything, that also reflects frustration in your mind.
How can we solve this problem:

Take time to understand before reacting, process, and then create a decision over anything, instead of keeping everything in yourself and then reaction bad start writing to remove all these thoughts away.

4- Eating fast food:

Eating fast food is not healthy in a long run but eating high-sugar level food consumption would be detrimental to your energy levels. But excess of everything does have a bad effect on your body this is not a long-term solution but creating a balance is great in life.

How can we solve this problem:

Keep a diet that has all types of food choices, and eat what you feel like but keep control over yourself.

5- No physical activity:

Studies say that physical activities such as exercise, walk or anything create a positive impact on your body that creates your mind open and more understanding, this always keeps your body and mind active which increases your productivity level. When there is no physical activity in your life this will make you feel lazy and tired.

How can we solve this problem:

Create a habit of exercising or an activity that has physical movement in that at least for 30 mins max.

6- Worrying and overthinking:

Worrying and overthinking create a feeling of stress and anxiety that leads to many other emotions overflowing. If we create such a lifestyle that we follow the habits that we have talked about will reduce all the worries and overthinking because the cause of these problems is bad habits.


Habits tell about ourselves. To create a good impact on ourselves we need to let go of that habitus that has a negative impact and create a good habitus that has a good influence on our life. This will help in building yourself. I hope the methods we have talked about will help you.