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How To Be A Better Person: 8 Secret Strategies To Improve Yourself

Before we start talking about how to be a better person, first, you’ll have to look for the answers to these two questions. “Who is a better person?” and “Why is it crucial to be a better person?” After this, we’ll describe “How to be a better person?”

Who is a better person?

This is a universal truth that nobody is perfect in this world and no one can be. Flaws and mistakes are in the nature of a human being. Perfect is the one who has fewer flaws and is better than others. A better person is one who is living a smooth and balanced lifestyle. A person who is grooming and improving day by day. He works hard every day and tries his best that his every day must be better than yesterday. He doesn’t mix up his work, relations, duties, and self-care. Lives a well-managed schedule of everything. He works according to a timetable. In the hustle, he doesn’t compromise his health and family time. In short, he improves his life every day and he learns a new thing with every dying sun.

Why is it crucial to be a better person?

Though this life is not permanent and everyone has to leave one day. So everyone should live a life in which he has enjoyed to the fullest. There is no need to be rude to someone. There must be a balance between everything. You shouldn’t live like a selfish person. You have to understand the difference between selfishness and self-care. Because selfishness leads you to a place where you stay alone and don’t have somebody to talk to. Yes being alone is a good thing but this loneliness also has a limit. Because at some moment of life you have to interact with people, doesn’t care how much autophile you are. So there must be a balance between your interaction and loneliness.

You make mistakes from childhood to the end of your life. And you also learn a new thing every day and learn a new lesson from your previous mistakes. This learning shows that you are improving day by day. And this improvement shows that you are getting better day by day. Your income, your thoughts, your ideologies are getting mature every day and every day is like a new adventure for you. This betterment improves your opinion about life and things. You live a better lifestyle and at the time of death, you don’t have a regret that you have missed something in life.

How to be a better person?

There is a series of habits and tips that make you a better person. You can follow them and improve your lifestyle and life every day. You get confidence, rhythm, and develop self-esteem.

We have divided the steps to be a better person into 8 wise steps. By following them you can be a better person and enhance your life daily.

How To Be  A Better Person-Judge Less
How To Be A Better Person-Judge Less

1-Judge Less

Judging others, character assassination, and choice evaluation, are fastly spreading diseases these days in our society. People judge others and find flaws in them. This is a negative habit and has many damages.

Consequences of judging others

Judging others is a disease that makes you judge other people every time. You keep your focus on other people and always try to find their exceptions. This keeps your mind always in a judgemental situation. This affects your praising and admiring sense. You always look for flaws in everything. As a result, you develop a sense of disliking. The second more damaging effect is that judging others diverts your focus from yourself. You waste your precious time thinking about others. The more you think about others, the less you have the time to think about yourself.

You find the flaws of others, as a result, the flaws in yourself are ignored. The time you have to utilize thinking about yourself and finding your own flaws is wasted in thinking about others. Because a flaw can only be removed if it is highlighted. When you don’t focus on yourself, you don’t find that and ultimately can’t remove that. And the other thing is that people start avoiding you because they start thinking that you always look for negative things in them.

One more point that needs to be added is that you don’t know the situation from which a person is passing. Which crisis is going on in his life? You can only get them when you yourself are passing from that conditions. So judging others without knowing their whole circumstances is very bad and a completely foolish deed.

So to be a better person, be an admirer and find good things in others. Because when you admire others people start loving you. This will improve you and make you favored amongst others.

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How To Be  A Better Person-Meditate


This point is related to your health, especially to your mental health. You know your mind is the most important and crucial organ of your body. You have to perform your maximum tasks with this. As you need different exercises and workouts to improve your physical health, similarly, you need proper exercise for the proper working and functioning of your brain and mind. In daily life, you have to make hundreds of decisions, solve hundreds of problems, and tackle different sorts of stresses. Even when your whole body is sleeping, your mind is still waking and working for you.

But this doesn’t mean that your mind doesn’t need any refreshment or nourishment for proper functioning. There are some activities that are just like food to your mind. Meditation is one of the most important of all of them. Meditation is just like a rest or food to your brain. This charges your brain and enhances your thinking level. It is very crucial for the proper functioning of your brain. As to be a better person, you need to improve your work daily, this ultimately increases the burden on your brain daily. So with the increase of work, the need for meditation also increases.

To improve yourself you must add the factor of meditation to your life. This will boost your lifestyle. meditation will enhance the working capacity of your brain, help to handle types of challenging situations with a cool and calm mindset. And also enhance decision-making strength. So there is a prime role of meditation in the working of your mind and ultimately in making you a better person.

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How To Be  A Better Person-Read Daily
How To Be A Better Person-Read Daily

3-Read Daily

Reading is a gentlemen’s habit and the secret behind the success of every successful person. Books give you a better knowledge about life. Books tell you about the success story o every hustler. These prepare you for every next-level challenge in your life. When you study about the success of other people, you get the motivation to be one of them. Books teach you what behavior is required from you. They tell you at which moment, what behavior life demands from you. Books tell you that you are not the first person who is suffering from tensions and worries. Your criteria can be different but the people before you also had solved those problems very beautifully before you.How To Be A Better Person-Read Daily

Story of a successful person

The thoughts that are overcoming mind to motivate you to quit because your problems are more than others are wrong. People, before you have, reached their destination by solving these problems and you can reach your destination only by your determination and consistency. Books tell you that there is no royal road to success, every has to suffer. Once Bill Gates was questioned which power in him he wanted to be improved. He responded that he desire to read books quicker. And everyone knows that he read one book per week which is almost a peak level.

So here is the lesson for us that, when the richest person in the world has the need to read books, how much we need to read books. yes, this is true that book reading is boring and tiresome work. But once you develop the habit of book reading, this becomes a source of entertainment to you. You can start by reading novels to develop the habit of book reading. And gradually you will reach a point where book reading will become your hobby. You will drown in the floating words of a book. Books will change your way to look at things.

You can develop the habit of book reading by:

  • Schedule a time to read
  • Find a good place to read
  • Read newspaper daily
  • Read actively
  • Choose the books wisely
  • Carry a book when you are going to travel
  • Try to bring yourself to the writer’s situation while reading
  • highlight your most favourite points
  • Write your review about book when you complete a book

When you have developed the habit of books reading, you will start loving it. And this reading will provide you a crucial help to be a better person.

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4-Wake Up Early

Apparently, this topic doesn’t seem to be related to this point. But this point has a very crucial link to this topic. Waking up is the start of the new day. In other words, this is the first task of your day. Because only those people can wake up early in the morning who have complete control over themselves. There is also another side that waking up early is the first success of the day. And this is the rule that small success motivates you for big success. Waking up early uplifts you for the other big tasks of the day.

When you wake up early, you get excited that you have completed your first task perfectly. This gives you the confidence to perform your big tasks. You get energy, start working and end up as a winner. Waking up early has also a link to your health. You are not as much energized as you are in the morning. This is because the reason that you are recharged after the whole night’s rest. Here another thing you need to understand is that you can only get up early if you sleep in time. Irregular sleep and wake cycle not only affect your working capacity but your health too. You have to develop the habit of waking up early.

You can create the routine of waking up early by:

  • Sleep early
  • Set a bedtime
  • Unplug before bed
  • Avoid sugary drinks and coffee before sleep
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a reward for you to get up early
  • Avoid late-night dining

You will find it difficult in the initial few days, but when the habit will be developed you will automatically start waking early without any alarm. So waking up early also makes you a better person. Start getting up early and go running daily. This will improve you and also improve your confidence.

5-Identify Your Blind Spots

This point is linked to the previous one to some extent. When you leave judging others and start focusing on yourself, you develop a sense of self-analysis. In this step, you have to scrutinize yourself and find the blind spots and exceptions in you. Because a better person is the one who investigates himself and discovers the dark spots in his personality. Then he works on these dark spots and tries to fix them. What you have to do is you have to find flaws and exceptions in yourself that are being ignored or not found by you. For this, the one method is that the flaw you see in other people, try to find that if it is not present in you. If you have that flaw, try to fix it.

Some other methods for the identification of blind spots are:

  • Questioning
  • Give yourself some dignity
  • Don’t leave it on other people
  • Make your observation strong
  • Try to find the cause behind your every loss

After identification of these blind spots, you have to adopt the techniques to solve them. This will help you to get better day by day.

6-Quit A Bad Habit Daily

The bad habits are the most dangerous to you. Because your habits have a fundamental role in describing you. You are recognized and judged by the people on the behalf of your habits. The way good habits make you a good person and improve you, the same way bad habits destroy you. Good and bad habits are antagonists of each other. If a good habit leaves you, it is automatically replaced by a bad habit, intentionally or unintentionally, or vice versa. So quitting bad habits has a prime role in improving a person.

To get a better person you have to quit one bad habit daily. In substitute to that, you have to adopt a good habit that will occupy the space. This is true that it is hard to leave any built habit, but this hardship will make you realize that you have done an important task. You have to adopt tactics to delete bad habits. There is a series of methods that assist to quit bad habits but this is not our topic.

Just imagine, how fastly you will grow if you are quitting one bad habit daily. So quit bad habits to be a better person.

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7-Create Options For Yourslef

Creating options is a good thing to be a better person and compulsory for overthinkers and negative thinkers. Options make you work without caring about the result and keep your focus on the task. Options and backup plans also act as motivators. They motivate you to stay focused on the task and make you realize that they are present on your back to support you.

You have to make options not because of the fear of failure, but for the backup and side plan. This is not compulsory to follow these options in the case of failure, you can adopt them also as boosters. For example, you have a job that is your main income source, but you create another side income source just to provide you support. Create options for yourself and be a better person.

8-Be A Good Listener

Listening to others helps you to learn new things. Because you can only talk about the things about which you know. But listening to others makes you learn about others’ opinions. In addition, only a good listener can be a good speaker. Listening improves you by making you aware of others’ views.

So after the analysis of a mess of opinions, you make a single resultant opinion that is just like the best opinion. So to be a better person, you have to be a better listener.

Also, listening makes your observation strong. You learn where you have to speak and where you have to stay quiet. Which words do you have to use in accordance with the situation? Also, you learn which words make you a fool. So listening to others has an important role in improving you.

How To Be A Better Person: Improve Yourself

  • 1-Judge Less
  • 2-Meditate
  • 3-Read Daily
  • 4-Wake Up Early
  • 5-Identify Your Blind Spots
  • 6-Quit A Bad Habit
  • 7-Create Options For Yourslef
  • 8-Be A Good Listener

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