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How to become an Influencer (15 Steps) – Zero to Hero

An Influencer is a person who has a large fan following in large amount on social media and who is directly linked to the brands for collaborations of their products.

Followers keep an eye on their activities and interests. Most of the influencers become role models of the audience. Social Media Influencers have a strong interest in editing their content, they always invest to utilize their skills in editing. Their content is always based on what people are demanding or trends of the era like photography, cooking, stitching, designing, or possibly they make content on a niche for example traveling, online marketing, online earning, etc.

Now we will discuss how to become an Influencer in this competitive era of technology and modernization.


Why should become an Influencer?

Mostly we can see teenagers as social media Influencers. We have so many examples who have millions of subscribers in their young ages for example Alakh Pandey, BB Ki Vines, Selena Gomez, etc. Most of our population is youngsters, so teenage influencers post videos and make content that is directly affecting our youth and they make content that is helpful for teenagers.

In this competitive era, social media influencer is one of the best to earn money and fulfill your personal needs and also you can support your family with this source. According to Google’s estimate, a social media Influencer can earn $57561 in a year, approximately $27.67 in an hour


1- Select your Niche:

It is one of the most important steps to becoming an influencer that you should select your niche means in which category you are specialized It may be two or three. For this purpose, you must be aware of market demands and trends and you should try to complete audience requirements and which type of content they want to see.


2- Reality-Based Content:

Always show real content to your followers, it is one of the most important steps to become an influencer. People want to see things that are related to their lives. You can fulfill audience requirements through research, and engaging content.


3- Build Your Email List:


It is one of the important phases for becoming a successful Influencer that an influencer should make an e-mail list of his followers. He can update his followers about his new story, or post through mailing. In case any social media platform has reached slow, or facing problems.


4- Accounts on different platforms:

An influencer should have an account on different platforms for example on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Face book, etc. According to one survey Face Facebook has 2.9 million users around the world, Instagram has 2.35 million users, and Twitter has 450 million active users daily. The purpose of writing this survey is that these platforms can reach a large amount of audience who use these platforms daily for their activities or just to spend their free time.


5- Work on Market’s Questions:

Firstly, you should try your best to target the market’s new trends. Then work on markets big questions in the audience’s mind. You have to the answers to those big questions. This strategy will help you grow your account and increase your fan following. For this purpose, you must understand your audience’s demands and you should understand their needs.


6- High-Quality Content:

High-quality content is the key to success in your influencer journey. For making high-quality content you should invest in tools such as a camera, and microphone. Your content must have a posting schedule. You should provide quality content to your audience. This can be Educational videos, Editing videos, Online earning, cooking videos, etc.


7- Strong Bio Of Accounts:

Your bio on your social media accounts is your mirror which shows your personality. A strong and attractive bio would be helpful to gain your target as soon as possible and it helps the brand collection to know about your personality. You should write in a summarized way in your bio that which type of content you prefer to post and where brands should contact you for further details.


8- Social Media Manager:

When your fan following is increasing day by day it is not easily manageable for you. Then you should hire a social media manager to handle your accounts. Your social media manager is directly in contact with you and should update you from time to time about collaborations with brands. He should fix your appointments with brands in your flexible timings. It is good for your financial budget if you will deal with all payment procedures and deals of payments on your own.


 9- Build Your Brand:

Once you achieve your target fan following you should build your brand. It may be of clothing, shoes, or anything. Your brand shows your style, values, and interests. You should collaborate with other brands to expand and reach your goal. Authenticity and consistency are the keys to success in your influencer ship.

10- Be Patient :

To reach your target audience, firstly you have to be patient. It takes time to reach your goal. Some people take only a few months, some need years to achieve their target. It’s all about based on your content that your content should be legal and authentic and should be related to audience demand.


 11- Work On Interests:

70% of people social media for entertainment and the other 30% want serious content. So, if you make serious content your target audience is not much. Then it would help if you focused on your interests from your childhood, it may be singing, designing or anything. Because you will work better on your interests as compared to other things because you have a lot of knowledge about your interests.                 

You should get advanced knowledge about your interests and try to expertise in it. This will differentiate you in the market from other people because you tell unique and different things to people. To attract a particular audience, you should get advanced knowledge.

12- Video Editing:

No matter whether you are a high or low-level influencer you always need high-quality video editing which attracts a large amount of audience. For example, if Apple company launches any new products they try to reach their audience through video advertisement. Video marketing is very important in this era of technology. For this purpose, you need to learn video editing and high-quality video-making.

You should create long-term videos for long-term benefits, You can also make short videos but it will also give you short-term profit. 70% of your videos should be based on long videos and 30% of your videos will be on short videos.

13- Focus On A Single Platform:

When you are at the beginning of your influencer journey, managing all the platforms becomes difficult. If you want fast flow then you should focus on a single platform. It will help you to achieve more in less time. Because when you work on more than one platform it’s very difficult for you to post content on all sides. For this purpose, Instagram and YouTube are better for you, because these are one of the largest platforms in the world.

14- Trust:

Trust is the foundation and base for social media influencers. If you’re not transparent with your audience, your audience comes to know about this so you must be honest with your audience. Because when you’re honest with your audience, they can do whatever task you will give to them. But when you show fake content to them, it creates hurdles in your Influencer journey.

15- Consistency:

It is one of the steps which helps you to grow up quickly. Consistency means if you set one time to post a video, you must post it no matter what the situation is. For example if Big Boss starts at 9p.m we all wait for this but if it’s not published at that time. It will have a bad impact on your audience. You should select your days and timings for posting and must be consistent on it. So, consistency is very important.


To culminate this article we can say that becoming a social media influencer is one of the ways in this competitive era to fulfill your needs. Still, it takes time, consistency, and patience. It is one of the platforms that needs the trust of your followers, high-quality video editing, and authenticity in your content.

Everyone is trying to become a successful social media Influencer but it is not as much easy as we can see just on our screen. Behind the screen, there is a lot of hard work and patience. For becoming a successful social media Influencer there must be a strong bond between you and your audience. With this trust and bond, you can achieve more success in your journey. Fake content must be avoided in your Influencer journey because it has a bad impact on your audience. People always want to see something which is directly linked to their lives. Try to show something unique and different to your audience.

In this journey, you may also have to face some challenges like competition, uncertain income, security, etc. You must be passionate about your work and always ready to follow new trends and complete market demands. If you will follow these strategies it will help you to become a successful social media Influencer.


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