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How To Become More Creative: 17 Proven Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is a very important topic and remains under discussion among many experts. Using your mind to create new ideas, design new things, and develop new visions is called creativity. Creativity is not a supernatural quality that is gifted to some exceptional people. Actually, creativity is present in every person’s mind because this is a quality of mind just like every other quality. Creativity just depends upon the user. It depends upon the person how he uses his quality of creativity. If he uses this, it increases. But someone does not use it, it remains untouched and suppressed under other things. So here we are going to discuss the strategies and ways to boost your creativity. These steps will help you to become creative. They will just help you to highlight the creativity that is stuck in some corner of your mind.

How To Be Creative And What Are Advantages

The people you see around you that seem with creative minds are not different from you or they have this special skill. But they just bring this quality of creativity to use. Their mind is not different from others but the way they use their mind is different from others. This is a thing, that you need to understand because the whole concept of creativity is based on this line. 

Neither rocket science nor exceptional skill is required to become creative. You don’t have to copy those people to become creative. You just have to understand the way they use their brain. Creative people don’t assume anything useless and bring the things to their use that have been declared trash by other people. Creative people are always thinking about new ideas while other people depend upon creative people. They are dependent on creative people who will invent something so that they can use them. This is a minor and major difference at the same time between them.

There are so many benefits of a creative mind. A creative mind can handle pressure situations calmly. They don’t get panic easily and can tackle every sort of difficult situation with a cool mindset. The element of desperation and miser is missing or you can say removed from their personality. 

These are the 15 proven strategies and methods that will help you to become creative. Follow these steps to boost your creativity and make your mind creative.

Spend Time with Nature To Boost Creativity
Spend Time with Nature To Boost Creativity

1- Spend Time With Yourself

As mentioned earlier that creativity is not a supernatural quality. This is present in everybody but not everyone recognizes this quality. You can recognize this quality only when you spend time with yourself. When you come out of your daily tiresome routine and decide to step time with yourself in solitude. Because this is said that a person can truly recognize him when nobody is around him and he is alone. A person can only recognize his mind when he spends time with his mind. When you give rest to your mind, then it will become creative.

So spend time with yourself and expend time in solitude. This will help you to think differently than before. And this is a sign of creativity.

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How To Become More Creative Note Down Your Thoughts
How To Become More Creative Note Down Your Thoughts

2- Note Down Your Thoughts

Giving a visual or written form to your thoughts helps in boosting your creativity. Because you have understood this clearly that creativity is totally the game of your brain. So many times unique thoughts and ideas come to your mind that is different from your daily routine thoughts. At that moment you feel energetic and decide to work on your idea the next day. But on the next day, the state of your mind changes and you forget the decision you made last night. Actually, the reason behind this whole procedure is that last night you were thinking, and the unique ideas coming to your mind was the special state of your mind. 

The next day you are not at the same stage and your mind is not working the same way. You just have to utilize that special state of your mind. When your mind gives you that sort of unique thought, you have to note them down. Writing down your thoughts will boost your creativity.

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How To Become More Creative: Day Dreaming
How To Become More Creative: Day Dreaming

3- Day Dreaming

You already know that dreams are of two types i.e daydreams and night dreams. Night dreams are not under your conscious control and you see them while you are sleeping. That’s why night dreams don’t make any difference. Daydreams are the ones that make difference. Because these are semi-conscious. Semi in this sense because daydreams that you see are related to nightdreams in one specialty. Both sorts of dreams seem impossible to be true. And impossible is the word that ignites the spark of creativity. 

When people start saying to you that what you are trying to do is impossible, understand clearly that you are on the right way. So watch dreams while you are awaking. Dream what you think is impossible to achieve. This is the way daydreaming helps you to become creative.

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Meditation: Be More Creative
Meditation: Be More Creative

4- Meditation

Meditation is a key to evolving your mind. This helps your mind to think exceptionally which is ultimately the working center of creativity. Meditation is actually the rest or recharge of your rain. When you meditate, your brain gets a booster dose. As when you wake up your body is active and ready to work better than before, the same way meditation revitalizes your brain. After meditation, your brain can better help you make better decisions.

Also, this helps you to become creative by giving new ideas and thoughts to your brain. So remark a time for meditation in your schedule. This will play an important role in becoming creative.

Be Optimistic: Boost Your Creativity
Be Optimistic: Boost Your Creativity

5- Be Optimistic

Actually, this point is not directly linked to creativity but has a passive link to our topic. Optimism is a very bright and handsome quality of mind. When you have an element of optimism in your personality, you can handle pressure situations calmly. This calmness and serenity will help your mind more precisely. This is the way being optimistic helps you to become creative.

Be optimistic to become creative or vice versa.

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Associate with Creative People to boost your creativity
Associate with Creative People to boost your creativity

6- Associate With Creative People

As we use to listen to this since our childhood that our circle decides our future. This is very true. Although some people don’t agree with this, this is not our topic. They have their own point of view. Coming back to our topic, when your friends and people in your circle are full of creative and innovative people, you automatically start thinking like them. Because when you see that your friends are innovative and trying to do something new in their lives, a spark also starts initiating in you.

You also start thinking like them unintentionally.  So choose your friends’ circle wisely. Do friendship with creative and imaginary people. These people will also make you creative.

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Set Limit For Yourself: Boost Your Creativity

7- Set Limits For Yourself

Limits are crucial for one’s life. Because a full stop is required for you to get better. When you have a limit for work and a proper timetable of work, then you can give time to creativity. Because when you have a busy schedule and your mind is always stuck to work, you don’t get time to do something creative. That’s the reason a limit or boundary is compulsory to give rest to your mind.

So set a limit for yourself. Set a full stop for yourself and then tell your mind that after this work you are free. Tell your mind that it can anything it wants to think after this work. So this step also plays an important role in helping you become creative.

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Think Beyond the Boundary: Boost Your Creativity

8- Think Beyond The Boundary

This point apparently seems to be opposite to the previous point but actually, it has nothing to do with the previous point. It is totally different from the point discussed before. In this step, you just have to think beyond and higher than the limits. Break those limits that you don’t even know who set them. You are just warned to think limited. Think about why you have been told to think inside that boundary.

Because you can only become creative when you get yourself out of the limits set by your forefathers or probably by the forefathers of your forefathers. This will help you to think creatively. 

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Become Extra Ordinary to be more creative

9- Try Something Extraordinary

Trying something extraordinary is frankly the synonym of creativity. Because when you try to do something extraordinary and exceptional, then you can do something creative. But here you have to understand the point that doing something extraordinary doesn’t mean you have to do something stupid. Because being stupid is not being extraordinary. And also one plus point you have to understand is the difference between stupidity and exceptional. Because when someone tries to do something new, he is called stupid by the people initially.

So keep all these aspects in your mind. When you understand all these points and execute your thoughts accordingly, you can become creative. Think and do something unique to be a creative person.

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Think Positive To Be More Creative
Think Positive To Be More Creative

10- Think Positively

Positivity is also a very important and crucial thing to becoming creative. This is because when you think positively you can face every challenge and even negative situations positively. By working on this you

 learn to control your mind and run it according to you. When you learn to run your mind according to you, then you can use your mind to work differently. And running your mind differently from others is automatically creativity. 

Also, there is a point when you think positively, in other words, this means that you don’t think negatively. The time you could have been wasted on negative thoughts can now be utilized by you for some positive purpose. You can utilize this time to do something creative and in working on your plans. This is how thinking positively makes you creative.

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Read Books To Be More Creative
Read Books To Be More Creative

11- Read Books

Reading books is a versatile tip that can be added to every topic. Because reading about the pros of that field gives you strength. There is no difficult logic behind this point. When you read books and read about creative people and creativity, you come to know what actually creativity is and what you have to do to become creative. Books will also make sure that you can become creative, if you were not creative before that, it is okay.

This is a simple way how to read books to boost your creativity. So start reading books about creativity and about creative people. This will help you become creative easily.

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Go to trip to be more creative

12- Go To A Trip

Going on a trip or a vacation helps you to become creative. Because when you go on a trip and take a break from your tiresome routine, you get a chance to regain the energy of your mind. Also, your mind sees and understands how the other world is living. You come to know about the lifestyle of other people. And you learn to absorb the opinion of others. The other benefit of going on a trip is that this evolves your mindset.

You gain knowledge from the outworld. This knowledge and evolution of your mind help you to become more creative. Go on a trip when this is suitable for you and you can afford a tour. This will give a new life to your brain that will be totally different from the previous one. 

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Fix Minor Problems: Be more creative

13- Try To Fix Minor Problems

Trying to fix minor problems is also a point to become creative. For example, if something like a toy is broken in your home and seems useless, try to fix it. Repair it by yourself. If you fail to repair it, try to prepare something new using that machinery. This seems to be simple and easy but it has an important role in making your mind creative.

Also, when you are able to fix minor problems, you develop a habit of facing problems. These are like small inventions to you. This was the link 

of this step to our topic.

Spend Time with Nature To Boost Creativity
Spend Time with Nature To Boost Creativity

14- Spend Time With Nature

This point has an important link to the point of “meditation” discussed before. Also, the way of working is the same for both these points. Because when you spend time with nature, this refreshes your mind. And this is the research of science that spending time with nature like trees, birds, and waterfalls improves your mind’s working capacity. This is the reason that ancient priests used to go to forests, mountains near waterfalls for yoga which is a type of mediation.

This is because this increased the working capacity of their brain. Most people also do this in this era. So start spending time with nature.

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Recycle To Boost Creativity

15- Recycle Things To Make New

This point is also related to the point discussed before. When you use broken and out-of-order things to make new ones, this step is the start of designing big new things. As you know that small ideas initiate new big ideas. Recycling these things to make new things prepare you to construct new things. So try to bring this quality out. Because this quality is present in everyone, you just have to recognize it properly.

This is the minor relation of this point to creativity. Use your brain wisely to become creative.

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Think from different perspectives to boost creativity

16-  Think With Multiple Perspectives

Thinking about something from multiple perspectives also helps you become more creative than before. Because when you learn to think about things from different aspects, you can use your brain to create something new. Because you don’t assume the opinion of a person done and try to recheck this from different perspectives. This helps your mind to evolve and you learn the art of thinking something different. And thinking something different is actually the soul of creativity.

You can use one thing for multiple purposes. Ans this what creativity is. This is how thinking from different aspects helps you to become creative.

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Challenge Yourself To Become More Creative
Challenge Yourself To Become More Creative

17- Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself is also a critical point to creativity and uniqueness. Because when you are stuck in your comfort zone, you cannot think about something new. Because you have everything available in your current position. But on the other hand when you challenge your comfort zone and come out of breathing it, then you can think of something new. When you put yourself in difficult situations, you try to find solutions to those problems. And in difficult situations, you learn to use your brain wisely.

This is the important role of challenging yourself in making you a creative person.

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17 Proven Strategies To Boost Creativity

  • 1- Spend Time With Yourself
  • 2- Note Down Your Thoughts
  • 3- Day Dream
  • 4- Meditation
  • 5- Be optimistic
  • 6- Associate With Creative People
  • 7- Set Limits For Yourself
  • 8- Think Beyond The Boundary
  • 9- Try Something Extraordinary
  • 10- Think Positively
  • 11- Read Books
  • 12- Go To A Trip
  • 13- Try To Fix Minor Problems
  • 14- Spend Time With Nature
  • 15- Recycle Things To Make New
  • 16-  Think With Multiple Perspectives
  • 17- Challenge Yourself