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How to Start Blogging and Make Money (10 Steps) with Screenshots

Learn How to start Blogging and make money in just 10 steps. Even though you don’t have enough technical skills, you can easily start your blogging business and start making money right away. Because different content management platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Blogger made it much easier to start a blog without having coding knowledge or any specific web development skills.

Blogging is amongst the most profitable online business ideas. Through your blog, you can even make money passively, once it’s well established. And to make your blogging business successful, the only thing you’ll have to do is to be consistent in providing valuable content to internet users.

10 Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money

10 Steps To Start a Blog and Make Money

The 10 Steps To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Starting a business from scratch always requires some preplanning and analyzing the market. And it’s quite similar in the case of Blogging. Because blogging itself is a business, and you’ll have to make plans and strategies that can make your blog stand out from all other millions of blogs on the internet. And with help of our guide on how to start a small business at home, you can easily learn the basic business knowledge and skills required to start any business.

Here are the 10 Steps on How to Start Blogging and Make Money Online.

1- Choose a Perfect Niche

The first step to start a blog is choosing the right niche for your business. A niche that is less competitive, with a good search volume, also comes under your expertise. Obviously, being a tourist, you can’t write about skincare routines and products. So always choose a specific niche according to your knowledge and passion, so that you can add value to the online content and not just repeat the old posts.

You can use Google Keyword planner and any other tool to find out the niche and sub-niche for your blog. And for all new bloggers, I’ll recommend you to go for sub-niches. For example, if you want to write about musical instruments, then go for just one instrument like guitar, keyboard, or violin. It’ll build your site authority and will help you to rank higher in search results.

Most Popular Niches:

  • Food
  • Blogging
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Fashion
  • Lifestyle

2- Get Domain and Hosting

Domain Name for blog business

The domain is a unique name and URL of your site, that leads to your site if someone types it in the address bar. And hosting is a place where all of your site data is stored. Different platforms provide domains and hosting services at different rates. It depends on your site requirements. If your site is getting millions of visitors each month, you’ll have to buy a bigger hosting server. But in the starting, the first hosting plan will be enough for you. And for Domain, you’ll have to pay every year to secure the ownership.

  • Domain Price: $15/Year
  • Starter Hosting Plan: $10/month (Average)

But if you’ll buy for a longer period like 3 or 4 years, you’ll get more discount. But I won’t recommend, because you don’t know what your blog requirements will be after one or two years. If your hosting is capable of serving 100 people at the same time, anything more than 100 will cause your web server down and no one will be able to see your content.

3- CPanel Settings

Cpanel Settings to start blogging and make money

Only this step is a bit technical. Here you’ll have to link your domain to your hosting.¬†

If you have bought hosting and domain from the same company, then it’ll be easier for you to connect. Simply go to your domain settings and there you’ll see the options like “create a website” or “connect to the hosting”. By clicking on that you’ll be easily able to create a website after providing a little information.

But if your domain provider and hosting provider are not the same, then you’ll have to change your domain name servers according to the hosting.

Another one of the most important things you’ll have to do in CPanel is Installing SSL Certificates. It indicates that your site is secure for its users.

4- Install WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system which powers 42% of the internet. The blogs and websites you see on daily basis are mostly made by WordPress. Because it’s quite easy and efficient. It provides different free plugins with the help of which you can create a stunning website without knowing a single line of coding.

And to install WordPress on your site, go to your Cpanel, and find the WordPress option. You can google it according to your hosting provider. Because all hosting platforms are different from each other.

5- Design Your Site Pages

Design your site to start blogging business

It’s the last step to live or publish your site. After you’ve installed the WordPress, you’ll be provided the admin link (your site. com/wp-admin). Enter the username and password you’ve set while installing WordPress. And after login, you’ll be able to edit and design all of your pages.

Here are the most important pages you’ll have to create:

  • HomePage
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms & Conditions

6- Install Plugins

Now Install some important plugins that will help you to design your site and get a better ranking on the search page. Plugins are actually like building blocks. And to do anything on your site like designing, adding features, enhancing page speed, improving SEO, or showing relevant ads, you’ll always need some important plugins.

Plugins every Blog needs:

  • 1- Yoast SEO
  • 2- WP Rocket
  • 3- Google Site Kit
  • 4- Elementor
  • 5- WP Forms

7- Write Valuable Content

If you are aiming to make money through your blog, then your content should be unique and valuable. You won’t get approval from Google AdSense or any other Ad network if you are writing the same copy of a post that is already available on the internet.

Tip: Choose a topic and elaborate it in your own style

And make sure your content is plagiarism-free and you are not violating the terms and conditions of a specific Ad network.

8- Submit to Search Console

submit a blog to search console

Create your account in Google Search Console and submit your site there. They’ll ask to verify the site, and you can it by pasting the code in your site header or by uploading the file to the root directory.

For Head Tag:

  • Copy the text provided
  • Log in to your WordPress Admin
  • Go to appearance and then editor
  • Click the header
  • Place the code after <head> tag

For Root Directory:

  • Download the file provided by the search console
  • Go to your site C Panel
  • Open File the manager
  • Go to Public.html
  • And paste that file here

Submit Sitemap:

Your sitemap will be automatically generated if you are using  Yoast SEO plugin. It would be like (your site .com/sitemap. XML).

Head over to your search console, select sitemaps, and paste that link here. It would take a few days for Google bots to crawl and index your site. Once your site is indexed, it’ll be available on Google Search Page.

To check whether your site is available on Google or not, Type site:(your site URL) in the search bar of Google.

9- Create Social Media Accounts

Your website is complete and published on the internet. Now it’s time to promote your content across the web. To get more people to read your blog posts, you can join different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Twitter. It’ll not only give you more visitors but also will increase your site authority.

The best social media that work for my blogs is Pinterest. Here I’ve written detailed articles on growth strategies for Pinterest and other different ways to make money through Pinterest.

10- Monetize your Blog

After you start getting enough readers on daily basis and you have enough content on your site, you can apply for Google AdSense to monetize your site. And to do this, simply go to Google AdSense and create your account there. And submit your URL in the section of sites. They will check the eligibility of your blog and will reply to you after two or three weeks.

You can monetize your blog in different ways.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Sell Courses or ebooks
  • Paid Content
  • Membership Program
  • Sell Consulting Services
  • Sell Digital Products

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Start blogging and Make Money in 10 Steps

Start blogging and Make Money in 10 Steps

Start blogging and Make Money in 10 Steps

  • 1- Choose a Perfect Niche
  • 2- Get Domain and Hosting
  • 3- CPanel Settings
  • 4- Install WordPress
  • 5- Design Your Site Pages
  • 6- Install Plugins
  • 7- Write Valuable Content
  • 8- Submit to Search Console
  • 9- Create Social Media Accounts
  • 10- Monetize Your Blog
10 Steps to Start Blogging and Make Money

10 Steps to Start Blogging and Make Money