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How to Stop Overthinking Everything: 10 Psychological Tricks

Overthinking is a very common and fastly spreading mental disorder in the current era. Almost ninety percent of people in the world have become mental patients and are patients of health anxiety. Almost every second person is suffering from hypochondriasis and overthinking is one of the biggest reasons for all mental disorders. Here we are going to discuss some simple but very important tricks to stop overthinking from your life permanently.

10 Magical Tricks to Remove Overthinking And Anxiety

How to stop overthinking- Remove All Negative Assumptions

1- Remove All Negative Assumptions

Assumptions are the hypothesis and guesses that the human brain makes about something. You can understand this with the help of an example. Let suppose you complete a task or test and the result is not announced yet. Your brain ultimately starts thinking about the result. There are two possibilities that either you will pass the test and get the result according to your expectations. Or fail which is totally against your expectations. Here you can also take help from Schrodinger’s theory to help this concept.

Your brain will feel happy after thinking about the first possibility. But when you think about the second possibility, your brain will start scaring you with the result. The more you will think about this, the more it will scare you and continue building negative sketches. An unexpected element of fear enters your subconscious mind without letting you know and keeps on frightening you. This unknown fear results in useless anxiety and tension.

The is a very simple way to stop this overthinking. You just have to stop thinking about the results and leave this for the future. Whenever a negative thought tries to enter your mind, you just have to tell your mind “I’ll see this later”. You just have to think positively and hope for good results. If in case the result doesn’t come according to your expectations. You should accept it as a lesson just and start working on it again.

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How to stop overthinking- Write Down All Insecurities And Fears
How to stop overthinking- Write Down All Insecurities And Fears

2- Write Down All Insecurities And Fears

This point is a bit related to the previous one and is very important to stop overthinking. You just have to take a notebook and write down all your negative thoughts, fears, and insecurities. . For example, all the incidents that you think if happen, will damage you. Or you can write your phobias too.

Now you have to write all the solutions to that fears and make a strategy to overcome that fear. The “Double benefit” strategy is the best solution to every fear. In this strategy, if the result is according to your expectations, it is very good. But if it is opposite to your expectations, you have to make a “plan B”. This helps to make the wrong results right to you.

You can get rid of overthinking because your brain knows every possible result is in your favor. You have no fear of anything. As a result, it stops overthinking. As you know that overthinking is just because of negative thoughts that come to your mind. So you have to play with your brain using this strategy. The same strategy your brain uses and makes you overthinker.

How to stop overthinking-Focus on present

3- Just Focus On Present

This is the biggest reason for overthinking today, in fact, it is not wrong to say that this is the basic cause of overthinking. To stop overthinking, this point is of prime importance. This situation is also of two types. The first type is of those people, who live in past and the second type of people are those who live in the future.

The people belonging to the first category remain stuck to a scary or horrific incident that happen to them in past. This incident could be a failure, a broken relationship, or something else. The second type of people remain stuck to the future and always overthink about it. Both these situation leads to mental defects.

You can get rid of this tension and overthinking by removing all the trash thoughts of past and future from your mind. Because the past has gone and will never be back, you cannot change it by thinking about it all the time. The only thing you have to do with it is to learn from the mistakes that you made in the past. After learning from that past, you have to work on your present to remove those mistakes.

And the future has not come yet. You can only change it if you will remain focused on the present. Otherwise, only thinking about it will just give you an unending tension. You just have to enjoy the present and feel happy by thinking about the blessings that you have. Also, you have to hustle today to make the future better than today.

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How to stop overthinking-Avoid multi-tasking
How to stop overthinking-Avoid multi-tasking

4- Avoid Multi-Tasking

This is the nature or limit of the human brain that it can focus on one task at a time. In the current world which is full of rush and hurry, you are forcing your brain to multitask and try to overburden it. When the brain doesn’t fail to give you the expected results, you feel bad and start assuming yourself as dull and a loser.

You don’t care that this rush and hurry are damaging your brain badly. Anxiety, worries, and overthinking are all result of this damage. When you force your brain to perform more than one task at a time, it can’t focus on even a single task. This gives birth to overthinking and you think that your brain is useless as compared to other people.

So, what you have today is that you don’t have to put your brain in an emergency situation all the time and command it to perform all the tasks one by one calmly. When you perform a task successfully, your brain releases “Dopamine”, which is a happiness hormone and throws away overthinking and anxiety.

How to avoid negativity-Live every moment
How to avoid negativity-Live every moment

5- Enjoy Every Small Moment Of Happiness To The Fullest

Another ninja trick to remove overthinking is to enjoy and live every moment to the fullest. Because when you don’t enjoy the small moments, your brain remains sad and releases stress hormones that keep sad and you cant enjoy big moments too. Mental states are dominant over external because all the happiness stuff is inside.

When you ignore the small moments of joy and don’t enjoy them openly, your brain doesn’t release happiness harmine because most of your happiness is linked to your internal mental conditions according to psychology. But when you enjoy every single moment to the fullest and even a minor thing makes you happy, your brain releases happiness hormone and prepares you to enjoy big moments of happiness.

So next time, even if a single event happens to your life, you have to enjoy that moment, because when you become happy about small events, your brain doesn’t have enough time to overthink and it always remains happy. When you try to keep your brain happy, your brain tries its best to make you happy and it has the authority to control you. You can psychological therapies i.e laughing therapy. These therapies are as important for mental fitness as physical therapies for physical fitness.

How to avoid negativity-Think positively

6- Find Positive Points In Negative Compliments

This is human nature that it feels bad when someone talks about him negatively. Criticism is also an important part of human temperament. It’s okay to feel bad when someone criticizes you and tries to highlight dark points in your work. You burn midnight oils to complete a task and think that you have it perfectly, but in the end, you receive criticism from some people. Or people pass negative comments on your personality too.

These negative compliments cause you to overthink that you don t have don’t rightly. In the second case, you overthink that the negative points that people were talking about are present in you. As a result of this overthinking, you start hating yourself. But you can also take these compliments positively. What you have to do is to tell your mind that these negative compliments are improving opportunities for you.

You have to think that if that person hadn’t highlighted that negative point, you couldn’t have removed it. You must have spent your whole life with that error. Similarly, you have to think that the person who criticized your task actually helped you to remove all those errors that couldn’t have ever seen. This type of thinking will not only help you to avoid overthinking but will help you to take every compliment positively.

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How to avoid overthinking-"It's okay"
How to avoid overthinking-“It’s okay”

7- Always Say “It’s Okay”

People start overthinking after getting hurt in relationships. Secondly, agoraphobic people are usually overthinkers. Before or after every performance they start thinking that people must be talking negatively about them. Relationship cases are very common. These people remain mentally stuck to the relationships that had ended and don’t come out of them just because of overthinking. They suppose life is useless without that broken relationship.

If you are suffering from these conditions then these small psychological mind therapies will help you to stop overthinking about this. First, you have to tell your mind that the person has gone from your life and will never be back. Though the time you spent with him/her was very good and is unforgetful, now that time is also over. Now you have to tell your mind that “it’s okay”. The person who has left your life deserves to be thrown out from mind too and you are going to make yourself happy without him/her.

Once you force your mind to adopt this, you will be automatically out of that relationship and it is never going to hurt you anymore. Now you have to try to enjoy your company and try to remain happy alone. Because an Autophile’s happiness is never dependant on anyone and he loves to be alone. After that, you have to limit every relationship in your mind and have to make sure that it is okay if another person wants to leave.

Other than relationships, people overthink when they do something wrong or make any mistake. To stop this type of overthinking, you have to tell your mind that you don”t have done this intentionally. It was just by mistake and everything is okay. “It’s okay and I’m never going to repeat it and remember it. Similarly, if you overthink anything wrong in the future, you just have to tell your mind that it’s okay if you make any mistakes.

How to avoid negativity-choose your circle wisely

8- Choose Your Circle Wisely

This point is of prime importance and is almost related to every psychological disorder. Because when your friends or social circle is full So when you waste your time with such people who always talk negatively, you fall prey to overthinking. There is a very simple and easy way to overcome this situation. You have to change your social circle. You can’t change these negative people but you can remove them from your life.

Because if you trying to change them is totally a waste of time and you don’t have enough time because currently, you are working to change yourself. l of negative people, they demotivate and demoralize you every time. When you discuss your big dreams and advanced thoughts with them, they laugh at you down your morale bypassing negative comments. These people have problems with every solution and this is their habit to point out dark dots on white paper.

So when you waste your time with such people who always talk negatively, you fall prey to overthinking. There is a very simple and easy way to overcome this situation. You have to change your social circle. You can’t change these negative people but you can remove them from your life. Because if you trying to change them, this is totally a waste of time and you don’t have enough time because currently, you are working to change yourself.

Replace these negative people with positive ones who motivate you, boost your confidence, and encourage you. These people will make your life happy because they think positively. When you stop your time with positive people, you automatically start feeling happy, and overthinking leaves your mind. So choose your circle wisely because has a strong impact on your mental health.

How to avoid negativity-strong mentality
How to remove overthinking-Strong mind

9- Make Yourself strong Mentally And Emotionally

As you know that, overthinking is totally related to your mind and emotions, so this point is very important. When are quickly responsive and start feeling bad instantly, only small things make you sad and you start overthinking. And mentally if even small comments and incidents make you sad, you are mentally very weak and this also results in overthinking.

To stop overthinking and negative thoughts, you must have a strong grip on your emotions. To control your emotions, the “it’s okay” strategy is very important. You should not be sad about minor things and convince your mind that everything is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Not taking small accidents seriously will help you to keep your mind cool and calm and stop it from overthinking.

Keep your mind prepared for every emergency situation and possible result. By removing “What if?” from your mind and adding “it’s okay” and “it will be okay” will help in making you mentally strong. Because your brain stops thinking about something for which it is prepared, and when you are mentally prepared for every emergency situation it just stops overthinking.

How to avoid negativity-Ignore people
How to avo-Ignore people

10- Give Deaf Ears To People’s Perceptions

As mentioned earlier,  maximum happiness comes from inside. But this is a point that you feel very bad when someone talks negatively about you. If someone talks negatively about you, you start overthinking that he might be right.

What happens is that this wrong perception enters your subconscious and by overthinking you force your brain to accept that this flaw is present in you. After that, you start changing yourself

So when you let people’s perceptions run you and try to change yourself after every opinion, you remain worried and this is all because of overthinking. So to avoid these negative thoughts, you just have to give deaf ears to people’s negative thoughts but keep on self-analysis.

when you stop listening to people, then people’s perceptions of you no longer hurt you and disturb you. This is because when your ears ignore a negative compliment, your brain will also ignore that and will not take it seriously. When will not take it seriously, you will stop overthinking and remain happy

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  • 1- Remove All Negative Assumptions
  • 2- Write Down All Insecurities And Fears
  • 3- Just Focus On Present
  • 4- Avoid Multi-Tasking
  • 5- Enjoy Every Small Moment Of Happiness To The Fullest
  • 6- Find Positive Points In Negative Compliments
  • 7- Always Say “It’s Okay”
  • 8- Choose Your Circle Wisely
  • 9- Make Yourself strong Mentally And Emotionally
  • 10- Give Deaf Ears To People’s Perceptions

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