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If You Do This for 30 Days You will be Unrecognizable

How do you spend your daily life? Have you set rules? If not then this article is specially for you to improve lifestyle. There are small things that you must consider in your daily life to achieve a substantial positive impact in your daily life. If you do these these mentioned things for at least 30 days consistently, you’ll be unrecognizable. Take it as a challenge, and start taking actions to improve your lifestyle.

Things to do for 30 Days

  1. Sleep 8 Hours a Day
  2. Drink 2L Water Daily
  3. Get Sun Daily
  4. Less Sugar Consumption
  5. Eat Fruits & Vegetable Daily
  6. Workout 3x a Week
  7. Read 30 Minutes a Day
  8. Meditate for 10 Minutes Daily

Sleep 8 Hours a Day

Having a good sleep is every important for your health and for your daily life activities. If you are not taking enough sleep, you won’t do your other daily tasks attentively and passionately. So having a good sleep is very important and you must be having 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Drink 2L Water Daily

Water is life for no doubt, and everybody knows about that fact. But are you really taking enough water in a day to avoid dehydration? You must consume 2 litters of water daily to keep your brain active and your body hydrated.

Get Sun Daily

Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D which helps in growth of bones and brain cells. Expose your body to the sun light, especially in the morning. For this you’ll have to wake up early, and go for morning walk. It’ll give you refreshing experience.

Less Sugar Consumption

Sugar is full of carbohydrates and calories that cause weight gain and other related health issue. You must cut of sugar to live a healthier life. Consume less sugar and eat organic food.

Eat Fruits & Vegetable Daily

Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of healthy nutrients for your body. They give you all kinds of vitamins that are required by your body. Most importantly, fruits and vegetables help to improve brain health, your skin and provide energy to your muscles.

Workout 3x a Week

To make sure that everything you eat for your health is providing energy and helping to build your muscles. And exercise is the best way to strengthen your muscles and to increase your energy level. Exercises help to deliver sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients to your body.

Read 30 Minutes a Day

Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and all other successful people in their field read at least one book a week. It helps them to gain more knowledge and to enhance their skillset. So if you want to be successful in your life, you must be reading at least 30 minutes a day. Reading habit will not only improve your knowledge in a specific subject but also helps to improve your focus.


There are certain habits that ensure improvement in your lifestyle and personality. If you adopt these habits for at least 30 days, you’ll experience an incredible change in your life. These habits are all about having a good sleeping routine, exposing yourself to sun, eating and drinking healthy, Exercise and reading.