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Is Melania Trump the hottest first lady ever in American History

Melania Trump has been chastised for everything from her words to her clothing. At one point, he appeared dissatisfied with White House life.

However, the 50-year-old Slovenian man – the first woman born in another country in two centuries – may be able to extend his stay in the Orient for another four years beginning next week.

Trump, her husband’s third wife, has been a charming and silent source of support for the American leader, particularly when no cameras are present.

But, at least from a political standpoint, it remains a mystery. And he has been chastised everytime he has purposefully exposed himself.

Her signing project as the first wife, the anti-bullying campaign “Be Best,” has gotten mixed reactions, with many pointing to her husband’s silent tweets.

And then there’s her sense of style…

With the lifestyle of organising flights between a luxurious New York penthouse in Trump Tower and cities in Florida, his American experience is one of the fortunate ones.

Melania Trump first looked to be opposed to the president’s wishes.

He exclaimed, “We live such a lovely life.” ‘What makes you want to do this?’ The Washington Post reports that (high housing risk).

Melania Trump becomes the first American woman born outside of the United States since Louisa Adams, the first lady of the United States.