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Is Mia Khalifa Honest About Here Past Career

Do you know who Mia Khalifa is? You probably know about her. She is a top-rated personality, not a good image though. But her recent interview was really heart-touching where she explained how she joined her current career and why she is not okay with it. In her recent interview, she just explained and clarified misconceptions about her personality and the industry.

She said that people’s perception about me is that I make millions but I made only 12000 dollars from the industry. It is getting really hard to get normal work after leaving the industry. And how she faced society being unaccepted and as a sign of shame.

She told that once she was invited to a radio show, where the host introduced her as a p*nstar, which really hit her hard and she was really depressed that how people perceive her. She regrets how she allowed that man and the audience to set that rude tone for her.


Mia Khalifa is from Beirut (A city in Lebanon), and she was born there. And then Later family of Mia moved to the United States in the year 2001. Her family was catholic and they were very conservative. They settled in Montgomery County, Maryland, where she attended school. At school, she told that she was bullied for being the darkest and the weirdest girl. It was a really difficult time for her as after 9/11, her classmates started calling her “terrorist”.


Mia said that (In her interview) she was being mistreated and rejected by everyone around her, and she was facing serious issues like discrimination and bullying. So she was just looking for acceptance from people and wanted others to value her and know her worth. She was naive and vulnerable, so she got exploited easily.

Mia started her adult career in 2014 Because she was really dishearted by her past relationships and could control her emotions and now she is regretting of. She did act wearing Arabian clothes that caused controversy, and she didn’t suppose to do that. Because of that, she started getting threats. That controversy led to her popularity. People were searching for her all over the internet. Even after she left that career a long time ago, people are still searching for her. Which is something that she really doesn’t like.

Social Work for Women

Mia Khalifa is recently very active on her TikTok account where she tells her harsh stories to the world. By doing this she builds connections with women just like her who are facing the same issues that she was facing in her teenage and adult life. She let those women speak openly in front of the camera, and she said it was the first step to standing for yourself, being confident, and speaking against atrocity.


Mia Khalifa had her own life and she is responsible for it. Who we are to judge someone? If she is regretting her old career, maybe she is trying to start her new life, a new journey that she loves to go on. We’ll always wish everyone the best of their lives. May everyone get peace and real happiness in life.