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7 Effective Pinterest Growth Strategies to Get Massive Traffic

Are you looking for some best Pinterest growth strategies to get massive traffic for your blog? And want to know the right way to pin so that you don’t get suspended on the platform? So here we are, to guide you completely about the whole process. You’re going to learn how to do a proper SEO of your pins, boards, and other tactics that will explode your reach.

As all of us know that Pinterest is not a typical social media network. It’s completely different from all other platforms. You can contact millions of people as well as make money on Pinterest. And there are a number of ways to make money on Pinterest. Some of them are.

  • 1- Blogging
  • 2- Affiliate Marketing
  • 3- Promote your Skills
  • 4- SEO Services
  • 5- Pins Designing
  • 6- Promoting own Products

Whatever the way you choose to make money on Pinterest, you’ll need to have an audience for that. And here you’re going to learn some Pinterest growth strategies that I personally use to increase traffic on my other blogs.

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The 7 Pinterest Growth Strategies to Increase Traffic

By following the right strategies to pin your content on Pinterest, you’ll not only increase your traffic but also can save yourself from being flagged as spam and get suspended by Pinterest. Because there are some common mistakes that we usually make being a beginner on Pinterest. And sometimes we overdo some stuff and end up with a blocked account.

So here are a few things that I have learned through my past years’ experience. And I’m sure these will help you too.

1- Complete your Profile

This is the first and the most important step on Pinterest if you are just starting. And without completing your profile, providing every information Pinterest need for your account, you won’t get many impressions. And there are chances of getting suspended too.

So Create your Business Account on Pinterest, and complete your profile efficiently. Claim all other social networks and the website you’re going to link in your pins. It’s a step-by-step process and obviously will take some time.

  • Create Business Account
  • Choose Name
  • Write Description
  • Verify your account by email
  • Link and Claim your Website
  • Go to Profile and fill all the block

2- Use Keywords Properly

As far as I know, the Pinterest algorithm mainly works with SEO. And the keywords are the basic part of SEO. Whether it’s a blog post, Youtube video, or Pinterest pins. If you are working on a specific niche on Pinterest, you must have to use some relative keywords in your content.

Amongst the best Pinterest growth strategies to increase traffic, you can’t ignore the keywords at any cost. So place your keywords on all the important pages on your Pinterest account. For example, if your niche is relationships, include those keywords in your account name, descriptions, group boards, boards description, and Pins. And also make sure the pin image well defines your content. Because the Pinterest algorithm mostly focuses on the images. It can tell what pin is referring to, even if it doesn’t have the title.

Keyword Placements:

  • Business profile name
  • Profile description
  • Group boards name
  • Group board descriptions
  • Pins Title
  • Image Alt text
  • Pins Descriptions
  • Hashtags

3- Follow Other Like-Minded Creators

Follow other creators who are working on the same niche, so that you can build a community of like-minded people. And there are a lot of benefits in working as a group than a solo player in the game.

If you are following them and saving their pins in your boards then the chances are they will follow you back and will save your pins if they like them. And getting more saves will increase your pins impressions.

And if you are working collaboratively, you can even exchange guest posts with each other to increase your main website ranking.

4- Upload New Pins Daily

Pinterest promotes those creators who are more consistent with their content. If you are creating pins daily then the chances are Pinterest will do a favor and will boost your pins to more viewers. So make a perfect plan and be consistent with it.

Pinterest made saving old pins so easy that most of the users aren’t making the struggle to make new images. There is 80 percent of pins on Pinterest which are old and are being saved again and again. And if you add new pins, it will add value to the platform, and Pinterest encourages that.

5- Use Original Images for Pinterest Growth

In the list of Pinterest Growth strategies to increase traffic, using original images is the most effective and a secret one. It’s a secret because very few people know about it. And if you just go to your home feed, you’ll see pins that are using original images, not from the sites like Pixabay or Pexels.

It doesn’t matter how bad you think the photo is. If it’s new, it’ll definitely work. And also add some text on the images that have the main keyword.

6- Get More Saves on Your Pins

No doubt, if you are getting more saves on your pins, it’ll help you to get more views. And Pinterest will boost your post within a day if get’s a couple of saves immediately after uploading.

But the question is “how to get more saves on Pinterest.” There could be different ways. You can either ask your friend to save your pins on their boards or can make the pin itself so efficient that people will save it without even asking for it.

7- Don’t Use Clickbait Pins

Never ever use Clickbait Pins or the images to drive the wrong traffic to your blog or website. Because Pinterest will detect it within 2 to 3 days, and you’ll get permanently banned from the Platform. So be careful, if you want to get benefits in long term. Here are the things you shouldn’t do:

  • Downloading others’ pins and saving them with your links
  • Saving hundreds of pins a day going to the same link
  • Saving old pins in the same board again and again
  • Misleading Pins
  • Pin Title different from the content in the link

The best strategy that will help you grow gradually as well as will save you from getting blocked, is saving 10-15 pins in a day leading to different pages on your website.

7 Pinterest Growth Strategies to Increase Traffic

7 Pinterest Growth Strategies to Increase Traffic

7 Pinterest Growth Strategies to Increase Traffic

  • 1- Complete your Profile
  • 2- Use Keywords Properly
  • 3- Follow other Like-Minded Creators
  • 4- Upload New Pins
  • 5- Use Original Images
  • 6- Get more saves on your Pins
  • 7- Don’t use clickbait Pins