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5 Signs of A Weak Mindset

A weak mindset doesn’t refer to you being not intelligent, it refers to a lack of mental fitness or lack of judgment level. A weak mindset may be due to short-term problems that develop due to your perceptions and some past experiences which turn into long-term problems. If someone is not strong enough and mentally mature enough to deal with his life problems then he must be having a weak mindset. Here are a few signs of a weak mindset:

1- Apologizing for everything:

“I’m sorry.”
“Stop saying sorry.”
“Okay, sorry.”

Apologizing for everything is the reflation to low self-esteem, accepting the blame for everything if you did or didn’t this is usually caused by poor boundaries that we have created around us that lets everyone invade in or occupy our mindset and affect us. Apologizing for something you did wrong doesn’t create any harm but saying it to justify what people will think is wrong, is only affecting your mental health and making you lose your confidence in any decision-making path.

Things you should follow to help yourself:

  • Think why you’re saying sorry.
  • Ask a question to yourself if you are wrong or right.
  • Talk instead of saying sorry.

2- Avoiding social situations:

Avoiding social situation may be the cause of long-term stress, welling, and different fears that sums up to you being introverted. This usually starts in your teenage or twenties when you lack good friends, and habits and often being alone everywhere. Creating a healthy environment around you can help you get over this problem and make your mindset strong.

3- Being defensive constantly:

When the short-term fears, stress, and other facts are so prolonged, they then convert into long-term problems that reflect into being defensive constantly. When you constantly stay in the same mindset that creates an image, you’re not safe in that environment so to be safe your defensive mood turns on to protect yourself.

4- Avoiding critics controlling you:

Avoiding critics controlling you is the best decision, as it leads you into a defensive mood. Sometimes a good level of criticism is good as it helps you to open your eyes and see a different world but sometimes the unethical level of criticism only leads to mental health disorders. You should have to courage and confidence to control yourself and learn from good critics and avoid unethical critics.

5- Being obsessed with your problems:

When you have low-self-esteem well and acceptance problems that makes them obsessed with your problem because they can find a solution to all those problems. If we create a strong mindset that makes us the ability to be fearless, we can get over anything without making our mental health affected.


If we get sick, we go to the doctor for help so in the same way, if we in any mental problem we need a solution, we need help, and we need to fix them. We all should be capable to achieve such a level of self-esteem and confidence that we never lead ourselves to a weak mindset, and create a lifestyle that practices such life skills.