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23 Successful Business Ideas for Teens

In my student life, I had seen a lot of guys who wanted to start their own business in their free time to manage their expenses and live a better life. At that time, I wasn’t much aware of the successful business ideas for teens that might help them to make money while studying their specified courses. But now after getting much experience in business and seeing the ups and downs of business life, I can say that my ideas will surely help them to make some extra bucks while doing their studies.

I won’t give you false comfort saying that it’s very easy to make money while it’s not that easy. It’s very difficult. Probably one of the hardest things to achieve. But still, some legit ways require your passion and efforts. And meaningful efforts in the right direction can really help you to set up your own business and make money in your teenage.

3 Simple Steps for Starting a New Business (PSM)

  • Problem – What are the pain points or the problem people facing.
  • Solution – Finding a solution for that problem.
  • Marketing – Marketing that solution to the targeted audience using the right strategy.

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Business Ideas for Teens

Successful Business Ideas for Teenagers

Business Ideas for Teens & Young Entrepreneurs

Here I’ve mentioned some of the best business ideas for teens having a very high success rate. And you can work on these business ideas even with the limited resources.

1- Blogging

Writing blog posts related to your expertise is a good way to make money and also to enhance your knowledge in the field. Choose a specific niche and start writing about it. Later you can start making money through it by linking your blog to Google AdSense.

2- ECommerce Store

One of the best business ideas for teens that I’ll recommend is an E-commerce store. And in this high technology world, you can learn anything. You can easily create your own online store and start selling through it. Another thing that I love about this business is it’s fully controllable. Every sale your online store generates will be under your control. If you need more information, here’s our guide to starting an online business from home.

3- Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which experts use social media to generate more sales in their businesses. Every kind of business requires a different Social media marketing strategy to succeed. You can get in-depth knowledge about all types of marketing campaigns and help business owners to handle their social media accounts and create ads. Websites like Fiver, Freelancer, and Upwork will help you to get your clients.

4- SEO Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization is the most important and highly converting online marketing way. All online businesses require an SEO expert who can help them to get ranked on Google’s first page. You can help them to optimize their pages and charge them some money in return.

5- Graphics Designing

While talking about business ideas for teens, graphics designing comes in the most commonly referred online earning sources. You’ll find several examples of students who are earning through fiver doing graphic designing. You too can be one of them.

6- Video Editing

There are approximately 35000+ Youtubers who have more than one million subscribers. And they are making thousands of dollars. Most of them outsource their editing work to get more free time. If you help them and they won’t mind giving you a few dollars.

7- Web & Application Development

This requires experience and knowledge about a few programming languages that help you to create a valuable website or a mobile application. As you know that more than 92% population of the USA uses the internet. And all businesses are now available online. They are always looking for someone who can help them to create web and applications related to their businesses. If you can do this, It’ll be a great opportunity to make money in your extra time.

8- Relationship Consultancy

In our surroundings, there is always an experienced guy who guides others about relationships. We often call him a relationship guru. If you too have any such traits, you can make money through it by giving consultancy to the people who are struggling in their relationships.

9- Drive for Uber or Careem

If you know driving, then this business idea is for you. You can easily get registered on the Apps like Uber and Careem and start making money.

10- Home Tutoring

There was a guy in my college who used to provide home tuitions to school kids and also help them with homework. And in return, he was getting a good amount of money from their busy parents. You too can do the same and make some extra money while studying.

11- Fitness Training

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. Because all the money is useless if you’re not feeling good and healthy. Nowadays everyone is concerned about their health. They are always looking for a guide who can train them properly about each exercise. And as you always know that where there is a need, there is a business.

12- Small Food Cart

In countries where the concept of street food exists, this business is very popular. The good thing about this business idea is the low investment required. The only investment you need is the cost of your cart and some food.

13- House Cleaning

Some people are looking for work and some are so busy at their work that they can’t even clean their houses properly. So here is the opportunity for you to fill your pocket with dollars. And if you want to know more about it, here I’ve written a post about starting a cleaning business from scratch.

14- Photography or Videography

Do you know? You can even sell your photos and videos that you make with your mobile phones about nature and other daily stuff. Sites like Shutterstock can help you sell your high-quality images. And the only thing you need for this business is good Photography skills and some experience.

15- Natural Oil Extracting

This is also one of the best business ideas for teens which can be started from home. Get an extracting machine and a few plastic bottles and start extracting oil from almonds, mustard, and pumpkin seeds.

16- Small Home Bakery

You can also make cookies, cake rusk, chocolate cake, bread at home and sell on a local store. You can also take orders online and deliver food to people’s houses and offices.

17- Kids Life Coaching

Kids need to be educated about all the things in a good way so that they won’t get any misleading or harmful information from elsewhere. And they also need to be strong enough to face the incoming challenges of life.

So, if you can guide them properly with discussions and regular training, it won’t be a bad idea to charge their parents some money in return.

19- T-Shirt Printing

This is the best way to utilize memes and trends and make money through them. Whenever you see something getting viral on the internet, make it a design and print it on a t-shirt and do marketing on social media. People are definitely going to buy that T-shirt.

20- Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer is a cool thing itself. You have your own community of like-minded people who have built a good connection with you. They like, comment, and share the things you do in your daily life and sometimes also looking for some advice from you. You can tell them about the fash wash, hair shampoo you and other grooming products you use and can get some money from the product manufacturer as you’ve promoted their product.

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21- Homemade food for Businesses

Some people have problems with street food and the food made in restaurants as it goes through the process that everyone doesn’t like. So they always prefer fresh homemade food whenever they are away from their home working outside the city or in colleges and universities. If you can deliver them a parcel of homemade delicious fajita, pasta and chicken sandwich, They will love it.

22- Personal Development Coaching

Coaching on personal development and career counseling is also immerging as a very profitable business. There numerous motivational speakers giving training on communication skills and other stuff that every person needs to become proficient in the field. And in return, they are charging them hundreds of dollars. But for this business, you must have great knowledge and experience.

23- Affiliate Marketing

While talking about business ideas for teens, how can forget affiliate marketing? This is a quite popular way of making money online. And now all the famous companies offer affiliate marketing accounts. Amazon and Clickbank are the giants.

The only tip that I will give you about affiliate marketing is to choose your specific niche and then deliver information about that niche on all of your social media accounts, Youtube, and websites. Once you gain trust and people know you’re an expert, they are obviously going to buy the product recommended by you.