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6 Things Secretly Destroying Your Life

Positive and good habits help you to groom your personality and make you a gentleman. Just like these, some negative and bad addictions also exist that if added to your life, destroy your life completely. The danger is that these habits enter your life silently without letting you know and you come to know when they had damaged you completely. So we are going to discuss these 6 venomous things that can destroy your life.

6 Things That Can Destroy Your Life -False Ego
6 Things That Can Destroy Your Life -False Ego

1- Your False Ego

Though ego is a positive thing that is an essential part of your personality until it is limited. To the extent of self-respect, ego is very good and compulsory in fact. Ego is good if motivates you to say “No” and helps you to avoid negative people. If someone hurts your self-respect and disrespects you, you have to remove that person from your life. Because this is in the domain of the false ego. Boycotting people totally comes in false ego.

False ego starts when you start misbehaving people and behave like a ruffian and arrogant person. You insult people on everything and think that your knowledge is complete. You don’t talk to people just because you think that you are superior to them. Whoever tries to talk to you, you start insulting him. If someone advises you and highlights your mistake, you insult them. This type of ego is very venomous and is just like silent venom.

Because when you insult people and behave them with a wrong attitude, they start quitting you. People leave your life just because of your rude attitude. Your social life becomes zero and you fail in interacting with people. You will feel that you are behaving like an Autophile but you are biting yourself. Because this is your social need to interact with people. You have to socialize daily with hundreds of people. So remove this false ego from your life and stay humble to people.

6 Things That Can Destroy Your Life -Bad Circle

2- Bad Circle

A bad circle is a very dangerous thing also that destroys your personal and social life totally. The circle of negative people is called a bad circle. These negative people have a problem that they have no aim in life and live aimless and useless life. Their habit is to criticize people and find negative points in people. When you spend an important time of your life with those people, they start affecting you silently. Because your company has a prime role in your life.

Thoughts of these people enter your subconscious mind and initiate the spark of negativity in you. You try to discuss your big aims and drams with these people and they make fun of you. They force you to live the same useless life as they are living. Negative people force you to waste time. With the passage of time, you also start thinking like them and start wasting your time. You start thinking like a loser.

If you also have bad company, you need to change it immediately. Replace these negative people with positive and motivated ones. These people will motivate you too to achieve big targets. Add people who have a successful and strong mindset. This is a compulsory step towards a good life. If you don’t do this, this will destroy your life.

6 Things That Can Ruin Your Life-Negativity
6 Things That Can Ruin Your Life-Negativity

3- Negativity

Negativity and overthinking are two diseases that can destroy your life in no time. When you take negative compliments seriously, this affects your mental health very badly. A little hurdle and failure make you think that you can’t do it. You quit just because people talk negatively about you. External and internal, both types of negativity are similarly dangerous. You think everything with dark aspects.

This negativity is just like a snake that is biting you silently and you are dying continuously. But you come to know when you are about to die. You have to think about everything positively. In fact, you have to try to find positivity in negative things too. Usually, people think negatively about the future and in relationships. Make your mindset clear and positive.

To save the life from destroying, you need to adapt to positivity. Positivity helps you take everything white aspects and you tackle things with an optimistic mindset. An optimistic mindset is a positive mindset. The sooner you start thinking positively, the sooner your life starts improving. A positive mindset motivates you to achieve big goals and forces you to take action. And an action taker mind is ultimately a successful mindset.

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Things That Can Destroy Your Life -Listening To Others

4- Always Listening to others

Listening to everyone is just like a termite that eats you inside. Listening to nobody and listening to everybody, both situations are dangerous to life. Because a person who doesn’t listen to anyone is just like a fool. Similarly, a person who listens to everyone and tries to act upon everyone’s suggestion is also a fool. Both people cannot live the life they want. People always try to demoralize and demotivate others to discourage them.

Till you are listening to people, whenever you will try to start anything, people will scare you by telling negative points. They will force you to follow their suggestions. You will quit your first plan and design yourself to follow another plan. Another person will come and start telling you the drawbacks of that work and scare you about the unexpected results. You ultimately overthink and their negative suggestion stuck to your mind will force you to quit that too.

This chain follows on and you can’t start hustling and end up as a loser. People scare you by telling ” You can’t do this”. You also start thinking like them. From now on whenever a person tries to tell you that It’s impossible, you have to give deaf ears to them. You have to think about those two persons who decided to fly a closed room in the air and people laughed at them. But when they were successful, in doing that, These all people changed their opinion.

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Things That Can Destroy Your Life -Being Materialistic
Things That Can Destroy Your Life -Being Materialistic

5- Being materialistic

Materialism is one of the highly spreading shortcomings. With the advancement of technology, people are becoming more materialistic. People give priority to things and luxuries over their relations and social life. They are becoming so materialistic that their family lives are damaging too. Being materialistic will not only destroy your life but the lives of many people whose lives are linked to you.

If you become a materialistic person, you start loving your accessories, luxuries and matter things. You don’t even care about your family and relationships. But when you come to know that this all was just a scam, the time has gone. Then you can just repent. Because you realize this late that your social life is also very important. Your family, friends, and relatives are more important than these material things. Just cars, bungalows, and luxuries can’t make you happy.

When you start thinking that, money is the most important thing to you, a distance starts building between you and your relations. Though these luxuries are also important for life but not more than relations. Money cannot be used to buy everything. You don’t have to choose between these two, but you have to set priorities. You have to hustle to get these luxuries but give proper time to your family and friends too. Because you can’t live happily without relations and this loneliness will destroy your life.

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Things That Can Destroy Your Life -Addiction

6- Bad Addictions

Habits and addiction are very close to each other because there is a very small and blurry boundary line between them. Both cause your brain to release dopamine and make you happy. Habit is a routine that you do in your free time and feel happy in doing that. You just do this to entertain yourself and take a break from your busy and tiresome life. Habit causes your brain to release dopamine. You are not dependant on that habit to make yourself happy. But addiction is a different thing.

Addiction is a dark habit that, makes you totally dependant on it. Addiction destroys and kills your life silently. You become totally dependant on that addiction. Initially you adopt that habit as an entertaining element but soon you become dependant on it. There are many types of addictions i.e drug addiction, phone addiction, masturbation addiction, and many more. These addictions destroy your both physical and mental health.

Though they cause your brain to release dopamine and make you happy. But with the passage of time, you need to increase the dose to release dopamine. Small events and other things in your life no longer make you happy. You become totally dependant on these addictions to become happy. And your life is totally destroyed. Your family life, as well as family members, are disturbed and you end up as a loser. So you have to leave every type of addiction and not make yourself rely on someone or something for happiness.

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Things That will Destroy your life

  • 1- Your Ego
  • 2- Bad Circle
  • 3- Negativity
  • 4- Always Listening to others
  • 5- Being materialistic
  • 6- Bad Addictions

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