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10 Things You have been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

You are living your life normally and doing everything just like other people are doing. And what if someone tells you that you are doing most of your daily things in a wrong way. You won’t believe that but you’re actually doing wrong from peeling your banana, cooking sandwich, eating burger to holding your car steering. You probably not believe that how it could be. Let’s dig into it.

1- Peeling a Banana

How do we peel banana normally? Mostly from the stem to the bottom. Which is not an accurate way of peeling banana. Don’t know how did we learn it. May be we have got it from monkeys. But the right way to peel a banana is starting from the bottom black part of it, as it gives the most clean experience with not extra or wastage of fruit.

2- Holding Steering

Mostly people hold their car steering 12 o clock or 10 o clock, or from top to the bottom end. Which is a very dangerous way to hold a steering. It can block the airbags which cause some serious issue. So the best way to hold your car steering is 3 o clock and 9 o clock. Your both hands should be opposite to each others and on the both joints of the steering.

3- Eating Burger

Do you know why your burger is falling apart whenever you try to it. You are always blaming the size of it. But it is not your burgers fault, it’s your own fault for creating that mess not holding it properly. The best way to hold a burger to keep everything neat and clean is by placing your three fingers on top and thumb + pinkie finger of your both hands at the bottom of the burger.

4- Eating Cup Cake

How do you usually eat your delicious cup cake? Peeling the wrap, eating the creamy part first and then the bread part latter. But this is not the right way to eat a cup cake. To enjoy the most of its taste, peel the wrap, tear the cake in half, and then place it on the top (Creamy part) and then eat it like a sandwich.

5- Wearing Earphones

You have been wearing earphone wrong your entire life. What you usually do is inserting the earphones in your ear with the hanging wire downside. Which cause often getting off your earphones and you feel irritated by that. The best way to tackle this problem is by inserting the earphones fully into your ear, rolling the wire over your upper part of ear. This gives the firm grip to your earphones.

6- Chopping Mangoes

Mostly people chop mangoes in cube without peeling it. But the write way to chop your mangoes is by cutting the both sides of the big seed and then peeling it. By this method you can save fruit from being wasted.

7- Applying Moisturizer

Are you always rubbing the moisturizer on your face? Stop it please. Don’t hurt your face. This is not the exact way to apply moisturizer. Rather you should apply it on your face and then gently tap with your finger tips.

8- Playing Monopoly

Mostly don’t read rule book before playing the monopoly, they just learn it from their friends, which results in playing it in a wrong way and taking a long time in it. The free parking should be allowed only until the house owners change the rules. Other players can auction the houses.

9- Drinking Soda From Can

While drinking soda from a can people pull the tab and throw it off. Don’t do that. Just pull it slight and let it on the top of can. It is for holding the straw for drinking soda.

10- Eating Tacos

You should always use fork while eating tacos to avoid food to get out of it. While loading more tacos at the same time you’ll have to use multiple forks.