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6 Things You Should Give Up ASAP

There are some common things that we do in our daily lives which are distracting and preventing us from being successful. If you want to succeed in your life and enhance your lifestyle, you should get rid of these things as soon as possible. And if you continue to do such things, they will become habits, leading to constant failure. These could be some negative thoughts, fear of failing, toxic people, habits of making excuses, or pleasing others. If you quit these things now, your personal growth and success will be ensured.

1- Negative thoughts:

Negative throughs are the result of overthinking them which contributes to low self-esteem and confidence. If you can’t enjoy your life or do things in life due to negative thoughts that will affect your success in the end. So, admit this bad habit in yourself and try to change it before it affects your life a lot.

2- Fear of failure:

If in life you have ever experienced failure, it doesn’t mean that you are defeated. Sometimes situations and many other facts make you experience failure but in reality, it’s not always that cause. Learning out of your failure is your strength but staying in it and making it as you fear will only make you weak and nothing else. This fear will not let you grow, letting it go and giving up on this fear is important to make success in the future.

3- Toxic people:

This world is full of different types of people, if a certain person doesn’t appreciate you and your efforts, they don’t deserve you! Sure, the situation is hard to understand and it’s completely normal to feel disappointed, but you’ve done your best, and if it’s not enough. Better to stay away for such toxic people.

4- Making excuses:

The easiest way to avoid something is to make an excuse for it, and we all do it sometimes, like when we don’t have enough time in our busy day to join the gym because we are too old. Everyone has that little sound in their head that says these things aren’t true but you always find a way to somehow ignore it or make excuses. However, if you decide to work on your happiness and success, it’s time to stop making excuses It’s never too late and you’re never too old to learn new things.

5- People pleasing:

The number of people you had to try to please throughout your life, making others happy is a great gesture and there is nothing like the feeling you get when you know you are responsible for someone’s smile. However, if it becomes one-sided at some point, and if the only effort invested in a certain relationship is yours, the smart thing to do is hit the pause button and see what happens. Good people survive in your life because both are prepared to nurture that bond between you. But pleasing someone to stay is wrong and hurts your self-respect.

6- Self-doubt:

Self-doubt refers to you not having confidence and not having trust in yourself about a certain decision. Self-doubt is the first thing you have to remove for yourself as it is only there to decrease everything in you and we want to grow ourselves and that can be gone by self-confidence.


There are things in life that you should give up for a better self and I hope the one we talked about above will help you to figure out the habits you should give up on.