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Tom Cruise Marriages & Scandals: Paying $400,000 Every Year To Katie Homes

Tom Cruise is without a doubt a very popular and handsome actor in Hollywood. During his prime, he was many girls’ crush and an ideal boy. However, there have been many controversies and issues in his personal life. He was married three times, but none of them turned out to be good matches for him. His three wives were Mimi Rogers (1987–1990), Nikol Kidman (1990–2001), and Katie Holmes (2001–present) (2006-2012).
He responded by saying that things happen in life and are not a big deal when people blamed him for the second divorce. You must occasionally accept the hard realities of life.

Tom Cruise Marriages:

Tom Cruise married for the first time in 1987, after dating Mimi Rogers for a year. And we may not have the authority to comment on it. However, they divorced after only three years, in 1990, for no apparent reason. But, according to Tom, I didn’t fall in love before meeting Mimi, and she is responsible for my success in the acting industry.

After his divorce, Tom Cruise met Nikole Kidman, with whom he collaborated on “Days of Thunder” and married in 1990. They also had a daughter named “Isabella” and a son named “Corner” before parting up. Tom filed for divorce, claiming that they are incompatible and diametrically opposed. But the question is whether they recognized this after having two children. Parents should be concerned about their children. It is all about their future and mindset. They have earned the love of both parents.

Tom Cruise’s last marriage was with Katie Homes, and they were also known as TomKat. Tom Cruise was ecstatic about her and adored her. He was even leaping up and down on the couch while raving about her in a 2005 episode. They also shared a daughter, who was born in 2006. Katie Holmes filed for divorce in 2012, claiming that they have too many differences to spend the rest of their lives together. According to some stories, Tom Cruise’s new religion was the primary reason for the divorce.

Tom Cruise’s marriage Katie Holmes became a scientologist while still a practising Catholic. Later on, she struggled with it and was unable to improve matters. She was also concerned about her daughter. She was opposed to her daughter attending scientology school.

Tom Cruise’s Daughter Suri:

Tom and Katie were fighting over custody of their daughter Suri, and Katie was relieved that the court’s decision was in her favour. Katie was granted custody, and Tom was permitted to meet her daughter. They both wanted to fix the situation as soon as possible, so they didn’t say anything in public. So Tom agreed to pay $400000 in child support per year. However, Holmes would not receive spousal support because she did not request it.

Some argue that $400000 per year is excessive, as it would amount to 4.8 million dollars after 12 years. However, 4.8 dollars from a total fortune of $250 million is not a large sum. It’s about the little girl’s profession and future. She is not even receiving equal love from both, and she deserves better.

Affairs of Tom Cruise:

In his life, actor “Tom Cruise” dated far too many women. He dated and expressed love with too many girls, including Nazanin, Katie, Laura, Hayley, and the list goes on. He is a successful and wealthy man, yet he does not appear to be successful in relationships.