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27 Wholesale Business Ideas (Highly Profitable)

If you want to make money with b2b businesses then this list of best wholesale business ideas can help you to generate maximum profit with low investment. Most people choose wholesale over a traditional B2C business because they don’t want the hassle and stress of dealing with hundreds of customers a day. In wholesale business, a single customer can give you a lot of profit.

Wholesale business can be of many types such as:

  1. Jewelry
  2. 2. Toys
  1. Cosmetics
  2. Clothes
  3. Furniture
  4. Ice cream
  5. Pampers
  6. Books
  7. Feeders
  8. Stationary
  9. Decoration items
  10. Tiles/Marble
  11. Undergarments
  12. Plastic Bottles/kitchen things
  13. Gifts
  14. Mobile phones
  15. Sports
  16. wallets
  17. Medicines
  18. Footwear
  19. Crockery
  20. Food items
  21. UPS
  22. LPG
  23. Carpets
  24. Home Appliances
  25. Vehicles


B2B Business Ideas to Make Money

B2B Business Ideas to Make Money

1- Jewelry Business as Wholesale:

In this era of modernization jewelry is the thing, which girls keep in their eyes. Girls want their matching jewelry on every occasion. So, this wholesale business is one of the important businesses to spread your 

wholesale business in your city or around the world.

2- Wholesale Toys Business:

Toys are the thing, which is demanding in every season because children want toys at all time. Buyers purchase it and sell toys to retailers, and they send it by gaining some profit. Elders purchase toys for children on their birthdays, on good results, or even on normal days. So, this  

is another source of spreading your business.

3- Wholesale Cosmetics:

Cosmetics wholesale business means buying and selling cosmetics in large amounts from manufacturers or selling them to shopkeepers. It is one of the most demanding businesses. Even this business has so many minor things in it like liner, nail polish, lipstick, etc. This business is very popular in the online market.

4- Clothing Business:

The wholesale clothing business is a business that is always in demand. No matter if it is of Elder or children’s clothes. You can buy clothes from companies and sell them by yourself to customers, or you can sell them to shopkeepers by taking your profit. It is also depending upon the quality of your clothes. The more you provide high quality, the more your business will be spread.

5- Furniture:

You can place an order with car painters and the furniture will be ready as you want, you can set the price according to your expense, or by taking some profit you can upload it on any online site for selling OR you can even sell it directly to customers. One of the easiest ways of selling furniture is to buy it from anyone (second-hand) and sell it to others.OR Even you can buy it from manufacturers and sell it to customers.

6- Ice-Cream:

For an ice cream wholesale business, you have to buy an ice cream machine and sell it directly. You can buy these ice cream machines from companies and sell them to buyers. Your ice cream shop menu and location would matter exactly. This business is working in the summer season.

7- Diapers:

It is one of the wholesale businesses which is always demanding. People buy pampers in large amounts, to restore for their children. The good thing is that Pampers would not expire so people can store them. For this business, you must know about the demand of the customers, and you must know where should you purchase and which brand.

According to one survey global market of diapers has to reach 79.3 billion dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.7%.

8- Books:

Wholesalers buy books from the market sell them to retailers and then sell them again to customers or libraries. Customers buy books where they get some normal rates of books. Urdu Bazaar Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi are famous for the wholesale business of books in Pakistan.

9- Feeders:

Feeders are designed to give liquids to children. And they can be of many types. Sellers must know about the demands of customers and which designs of feeders will be more from customers. Quality and colors also matter in this business. Feeders 

business is every seasoned business.

10- Stationary:

While talking about the best wholesale business ideas, how can we forget the Stationary Business? It is one of the most demanding wholesale businesses, in every season. The stationary business has so many things which include pencils, notebooks, erasers, etc. Sellers buy it from manufacturers and sell it to shopkeepers.

11- Decoration Items:

It is one of the wholesale businesses. After Covid-19 home décor business demands increase every day. It can be an online store. Home decoration items include wall clocks, flowers, paintings, etc. People love to décor their living place. The demand for this business increases every day. People also make decoration items at home for selling from companies. Wholesalers purchase it from companies and sell it to customers for profit.

12- Tiles/Marble:

These are also important things to make your home more beautiful. Sellers would have to purchase it from manufacturers and sell it to retailers.

 Construction materials can also be sold at wholesale prices which include bricks, cement, steel, etc.

13- Undergarments:

This business works more on an online store as compared to offline. Because women don’t want to purchase these things directly from shops so, they prefer to buy undergarments online. You can hire your tailor and design your products according to customers’ demand and then sell it to retailers oryou can make your online store for selling.

14- Plastic Bottles:

For this business, you just need a license from the government, and also a pollution safety letter from Company. Plastic bottles are demanded at house or for school children and also can be for going on trips we can say that these plastic bottles are needed every time. Sizes, colors, and design matter. Plastic bottles are also weightless things 50 plastic bottles make 1kg.

15- Gifts Accessories:

Gifts can be of many types including rings, mugs, diaries, key chains, etc.

ETSY is one of the popular platforms for selling hand-made gifts. This business has a wider range in the wholesale market.

16- Mobile Phones: 

In this era of technology mobile phones are one of the most demanding things. Because mobile phones help people to do their work quickly or even people can attend their business meetings, and classes online on their mobile phones. You can buy mobile phones directly from companies and sell them to customers. For this, you must know about the most demanding brand from customers.

17- Sports: 

The Sports Business also comes in one of the best wholesale business ideas and B2B options that you can look for. For this type of business business, you must know about countries that sell sports items, and sportswear in good quality for example in China, Germany, Sialkot, France, USA, etc. You should know about your long and short-term objectives.

18- Wallets: 

Wholesale business of wallets demanding unique colors fabrics and designs. It is the requirement of every time and in need of men and women. You can also make an online store for this business as well as you can sell wallets through your stores. For selecting your designs you must know about customers demands and about where you get the best ideas for purchasing and selling.

19- Medicines: 

For this purpose, you should have contact with foreign countries which sell medicines of good quality. Sellers purchase medicines in large amounts from pharmaceutical companies. You should also know about which medicines are required according to situations like the pandemic or any infectious type disease etc.


20- Crockery:  

It is the need of every household. It is the demand of every season. Designs and quality should be unique. You must not invest in large amounts at the startup of your business. Prices should be according to quality. Sellers purchase it from companies and sell it by taking their profits.

21- Food items:  

Food items can also be sold at a wholesale rate which includes food ingredients, vegetables as well as prepared foods. Sellers purchase it from manufacturers and sell it to grocery stores, shops, etc.

22- UPS Batteries:

This business is most demanded in the summer season. Mostly underdeveloped countries have load-shedding issues. These batteries provide backup power when the original electricity has some problem. Sellers purchase it or even can make it by themselves have an expert in this field and sell it to customers.

23- LPG: 

It stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Selling LPG wholesale means filling, and refilling gas in cylinders. Sellers can also buy agencies for selling LPG at wholesale prices. For this purpose, you must need a license from the government. China is highest in the ranking of LPG,776.22 barrels per day.

24- Carpets:  

It is the requirement of every household, and even at every institute. You can also increase this business by import-export. India is most famous for exporting carpets. In Pakistan Lahore and Karachi are famous for carpet production.

25- Home Appliances:

Home Appliances are things that are used for cleaning and cooking which includes washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Sellers can purchase it and sell it directly to customers. The UK is famous for selling good quality kitchen appliances. This is business is every seasoned business, sellers can also make an online store for this purpose.

26- Vehicles:

Wholesalers can buy vehicles from customers which possibly have some faults. Sellers give it or reappear and sell it again in the market by introducing it. They sell it in the market by taking their profit. It can be the business of Cars, motorbikes, etc.

                 Spare parts of vehicles are the most demanding business in the wholesale market.

27- Footwear:

The footwear wholesale business is all time demanding business. This business also has so many categories. Wholesalers can buy products in low amounts from companies and sell them to customers at low prices. For this purpose, you must have to establish good relationships with manufacturers and retailers.

Business Ideas in Wholesale Market

Business Ideas in Wholesale Market

Conclusion (Wholesale Business Ideas):

To conclude this topic, we can say that these are the most demanding and unique wholesale business ideas. You can start up these businesses with low amounts and then take profits day by day. Businesses are far better than jobs because in business you can invest on your own or according to your will. In this era of joblessness, wholesale businesses give opportunities to youngsters they can start as a side business with their studies at a low level OR even can start anyone as a proper business at a higher level. These ideas will help you to find your wholesale business according to your interests.


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