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11 Ways to Become Mysterious Person: How to Be Mysterious

Being mysterious helps you to get a lot of attention and respect as well. Psychologically it urges people to think more about you. And when they start thinking about you, it makes them fall in love with your personality. And if you too want to become a mysterious person, here we have mentioned 11 ways to become mysterious. Try them out and you’ll see incredible change your life.

How to Be Mysterious in Life: 11 Ways

  1. Be Calm
  2. Talk Less
  3. Avoid Drama
  4. Be Less Reactive
  5. Make Solid Eye Contact
  6. Use Correct Body Language
  7. Listen more than you speak
  8. Think outside the box
  9. Think Before you speak
  10. Don’t Always be Available
  11. Speak Less About Yourself

1- Be Calm

Being Calm and having full control over your emotions is a sign of a mature person. If you want to enhance your personality then you should have control over your emotions and you should be calm in every situation.

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2- Talk Less

Another thing that can help you to be mysterious is talking less and having a conversation whenever needed. People would crave to listen your opinion about that particular issue. So talk less but have solid point.

3- Avoid Drama

Always avoid creating and being engaged in useless drama if you want to be a mysterious person. Exposing everything about yourself and your personality will make you less attractive and desperate person who’s always looking for attention.

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4- Be Less Reactive

Don’t be reactive rather be proactive if you want to be mysterious. Being reactive about every single problem in your life will make you look immature and less responsible person.

5- Make Solid Eye Contact

Making eye contact is very important if you want to improve your communication skills and want to become more attractive while talking. It will help you to present your point of view in a more effective way.

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6- Correct Body Language

Have a good confident body language while talking and walking with people. It’s a complete reflection of your personality that how you talk to people, and how you walk and stand. 80% of your communication depends on your body language. So always walk like a king, stand up head, making eye contact. And don’t be shy, nervous, or feel inferior. Your face expression reveals everything what’s going on in your mind. So never let people know that you are feeling inferior.

7- Listen more than you Speak

If you really want to improve your personality and communication skills, try to listen more than you usually speak. Implement the 80-20 rule, Speak 20% and listen 80%. It make you understand others point of you, and then you can make good remarks on that.

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8- Think Outside The Box

Mostly people’s perceptions are influenced by the majority. But you should always have a different thoughtful mindset. Never follow the crowd and their opinions, always think out of the box which makes more logical sense.

9- Think Before You Speak

Never speak without thinking which will later make you regret on that. Always think before you speak anything or putting your views on anything. Take a little pause, reflect and speak according to the situation, and never let your emotions influence your conversation.

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10- Don’t Always Be Available

Follow your schedule strictly and set priorities in your life. And never always be always for someone. If you do so, people will take you for granted and they will no more respect you. So be less available so people could know your real worth.

11- Speak Less About Yourself

Never be a type of person who’s always bragging and talking about personal achievements to get attention and appreciation. By doing this, you are not making people realize your worth rather you’re putting yourself down. So speak less about yourself, never talk about your qualities and your other routine, people don’t care.

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How to Become Mysterious Person
How to Become Mysterious Person

How Become Mysterious Person

  • Be Calm
  • Talk Less
  • Avoid Drama
  • Be Less Reactive
  • Make Solid Eye Contact
  • Use Correct Body Language
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Think outside the box
  • Think Before you speak
  • Don’t Always be Available
  • Speak Less About Yourself
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